How Roberto Santiago facilitates economic growth in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is regarded as a legendary entrepreneur in Brazil. The 56 years old businessman schooled at the Pio X-Marist College and pursued his undergraduate degree in business management at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Mr. Santiago owns a modern shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, and it is known as Manaira Shopping. He started the construction of the property in 1987, and it took about two years to be completed. The mall has been operational since 1989 has Roberto has been renovating it regularly to ensure that it offers the latest entertainment and fun amenities. He has expanded the building about five times to increase its holding capacity since the population of the city is steadily rising. The facilities that Manaira Shopping houses include a gaming zone, concert hall, a theater, various financial institutions, a college, food court, and many shopping stores.

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The roof top of Manaira Shopping Mall has a top-notch concert hall that is known as Domus Hall. Roberto opened it in 2009, and it is rented for hosting events such as exhibitions, weddings, music concerts, and many others. The room is very spacious, and it can hold about 10000 standing people and 4000 seats. The Domus Hall has sound proof walls, an excellent sound system, and air conditioners. The mall has also invested in its movie theaters. They have been equipped with 3D technology and can accommodate many people. The cinema also has VIP movies rooms. Manaira shopping’s gaming area is spacious, and it has over 200 machines.

Manaira also has a food court that has several food stores. Shoppers can have a variety of meals depending on their budget and craving. The restaurants that it has include fast-foods and high-end eateries such as Waynes, Gourmet, Espaco, and Capital Steakhouse. Shoppers who visit the mall can access a wide array of products as services. They include sports gear, cosmetics, furniture stores, household items, clothing stores, jewelry and many others. The College Higher Education of Paraiba is also housed at the mall. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Roberto Santiago is the proprietor of another renowned mall that is called Mangeira Shipping. The building of the facility was completed in 2013, and it has been offering cutting-edge amenities to Brazilians. The two shopping places that are owned and by Mr. Santiago have bettered the economic and social attributes of the city. Many corporations have been established near the malls.

Before venturing into the shopping mall business, Santiago owned a company that manufactured entertainment and decorative utilities. The success of the firm assisted him in accumulating wealth that he used in venturing in the real estate industry. The businessman earned his first money by working in a café when he was a teenager.

Jim Tananbaum – Founder & CEO of Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is one of the founding members of the United States-based Foresite Capital Management Company. This company has worked to become the major milestone engaged in the issuance of fast capital to healthcare facilities that want to purchase medical equipment on credit. If you are a company willing to venture into the medical industry, you can find it possible through the use of Foresite capital because it issues fast capital to those who want to purchase the expensive medical apparatus from other parts of the world. The United States has a blooming business in the healthcare industry. While many of us think that business is achieved in the industry, no one knows the real benefit associated with independent partitioning. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

Jim Tananbaum has worked with the company to develop its sophisticated methodology in business. Since he founded the company, he has worked as its CEO through the major advancements in the industry. Because of this capability, they have developed the wanting solutions in departments to develop a working capability. Jim Tananbaum has also served in the medical industry for over one decade. For this reason, his advancements in the industry have accredited business opportunities in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. If you are willing to achieve better business opportunities in the medical arena, be sure to use the services offered by Foresite Capital Company.

Jim Tananbaum is also the CEO and Founder of the GelTex Company based in the United States. During the time when he founded the company, there were limited sources of funding. However, he worked hard to achieve the most sophisticated business material in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. If you are working to become sustained in business, no one knows the true value of your business other than those who participate in your business.

The GelTex Company has also worked to develop more than 11 drugs that can be used to treat the cancer patients. For this reason, the company attracted a funding of more than $1 million to develop its business in a way that has no parallel solution in the industry. Check out Forbes to know more.

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The Work of Nonprofit Organizations Fighting for Equality and Justice for Immigrants is Having Significant Impact on the Justice System in the U.S.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, have latterly made a bold move by donating the entire settlement money they received from a civil lawsuit they won against the county of Arizona. The donation will support organizations that fight for justice for immigrants and human rights in general.

Their generosity and commitment to the cause of justice were inspired by their first-hand experience of cruel treatment by a law enforcer. The two friends working as journalists were forcefully arrested in the middle of the night, and drag away from their homes and held in police custody for exposing proceedings of a grand jury that demanded notes by reporters that covered Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

This was a willful and gross violation of their First Amendment rights which they spent a lot of their time defending and asserting. The struggle they waged against the injustice finally saw the light of day in the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals when they were awarded $3.75 million compensation.

With the money, the two journalists established the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which will be a rallying point of support for all organizations fighting for freedom of speech, migrant, civil and human rights, and participation in public roles in the Mexican – border“la línea Frontera ” and the whole of Arizona.

The Frontera Fund initiative for justice by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey is echoed by many other organizations in the USA that are waging a constant war to create an environment of equality and fairness for everyone in America. In the war, they are not alone because human rights activists in the whole of the US are pooling their resources and money to fund movements and nonprofits that share similar objectives.

In the State of Arizona alone there are active groups such as PACH (Phoenix Allies for Community Health) which is a nonprofit led by volunteers who give free healthcare to those without insurance cover, the working people, refugees, and immigrants without documentation. The clinic in West Phoenix attends to 30-40 patients weekly. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

Another active group is the Owl and Panther / Hopi Foundation which operates in Tucson. It is a group composed of friendly former refugees who provide a haven for newcomers with wounds and injuries that require nursing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Many immigrants arriving in the U.S. have experienced violence, deprivation, and torture in countries facing civil war. Also in the same league with Hopi and Frontera is Justice That Works which is a nonprofit operating in the grassroots to empower communities to become healthier and safer by re-imagining the punitive justice system in Arizona.

The team at Justice That Works includes Avensa Millan, a radio show host, and immigration lawyer, and it also collaborates with Center for Neighborhood Leadership

Savoring The Best Wines With UKV PLC

Connoisseurs will tell you that taking on a subject in French wines can get overwhelming. The complexity of the topic gets attributed to the nature and wine labeling in the country. However, there are a few basics that a beginner must understand to grasp the subject better.

According to UKV PLC, understanding the appellation system is the first of the basics. Unlike many wine manufacturers who labels their wines by the type of grape used, French wine gets labeled by the region of origin. A particular area plays a vital role in the resulting wine. This notion says that the climate, soil, altitude and topography are responsible for the unique taste in the wine. Therefore beginners should know of the notable wine production regions;

• Burgundy- this area specializes in the production of Pinot Noir varieties. They are known to have complex and earthy notes.

• Bordeaux- this region is along Atlantic Coast. It is large and specializes in medium-body reds blended from different grapes.

• Champagne- this is a region in Northern France. It has a cold climate, and historically, the wine goes through double-fermentation. They produce the bubbly wine called champagne

• Loire- this area runs along the Loire River. It’s divided into lower and upper Loire. Lower side specializes in light–bodied white wine while top side specializes in Chenin Blanc.

UKV PLC is a group of experienced exceptional wine consultants. Usually, they educate clients on the best wine varieties. UKV PLC has an array of fine wine from France, Spain, and Italy. The benefits of joining and using UKV PLC to purchase wines are numerous. First, you get to deal with knowledgeable consultants. Additionally, you get to enjoy storage, delivery, and evaluation services. Clients seeking to invest in UKV PLC gets discounts on prices and enjoy a broad range of wine portfolios.


How Hardwork Shaped George Soros’s Life

Born in Hungary, George Soros knew that he would have to work hard to accomplish the goals he had in mind. He did just that and created a career that would make him a billionaire over and over again. Even though he worked hard for the money he made, he did not keep it all for himself. Throughout the years he has donated billions of dollars to varies organizations.

His journey began when he was accepted into the London School of Economics. While enrolled he had many jobs to pay for his schooling. These jobs included waiting on tables and working on railways. Finally, through his hard work he was able to land a job in finance, accepting a position at a merchant bank. From there his dreams and goals were molded and he began to move forward in his career. Read his profile at Forbes.

In 1969 he started his own hedge fund, later this turned into Quantum Fund. After years of hard work he finally had made a name for himself. Through this endeavor he was able to become involved in other businesses and today is still a has a large influence in the field. He is a strong investor through Soros Fund Management, in which his home office currently is worth $30 billion dollars. He still works hard at his career but has also grown to be passionate about other things.

His passion has expanded into the political world as well. Throughout the years George Soros has made it clear that he is a huge supporter of the Democratic Party, and has donated millions of dollars to varies organizations supporting that party. He has given money to support Hilary Clinton, and before that was a big supporter of Obama. He has also donated a lot of money to organizations that support Democratic candidates such as Planned Parenthood Votes and Voting Rights Trust. Through his donations he hopes to create political change in the United States by bringing certain people into office.

Although politics is something that is important to him, George Soros is also a huge supporter of many other organizations. These donations are philanthropic in nature and something that he is incredibly passionate about. Throughout the years he has donated billions of dollars to different organizations ranging from educational charities to human rights advocacy. He donates to many different organizations from ones in the United States to Eastern Europe. Read more on

George Soros is an extremely hard worker. He has experienced so much success throughout his lifetime and because of that has been able to give to many organizations and nonprofits that he hopes can change the world and circumstances of people in need. Although his career has been long, he has no plans of slowing down and is still as strong of a force in the business world as he ever was.

Best hair products in market

Wen by Chaz is a high-quality hair product. This product is suitable for any type of hair. People with dry or oily hair can comfortably use it to sort their daily beauty lifestyle. Wen instructions are quite simple and easy to follow. When used appropriately, WEN hair by Chaz works quite good to produce fantastic results to all users.

Many people have recommended Wen by Chaz as the best hair care product available in the Sephora beauty market. Women from various parts of this Universe are now purchasing this product. They want to experience good results just like other clients that had known it before. Some of these clients have been confessing on Facebook that, it is quite simple to make different hair styles using Wen by Chaz.

Wen by Chaz conditions works by restoring hairline damages. It also helps in adding volumes of hair. However, one has to follow instructions carefully. This product is so amazing and works within a few days to achieve the required results. Strands of hair are made strong by Wen by Chaz hair care product. There are three main products manufactured by Wen by Chaz Dean Beauty Company. These products are:

  • All-in-one shampoo
  • WEN cleansing conditioner
  • Styling treatment

Wen products work nicely in any formulation that is used. Clients experience bounce shine and hair moisture at all times.


The Journey to Success for Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is one of the successful finance professional and also a lawyer. He went to Oxford and Columbia University whereby he attained his degree. He has accomplished a lot in the and also helped many people in attaining their goals in the industry of investment. Furthermore he has also served in numerous industry including Slate, Arps, Skadden and Meargher. His main works were to counsel people and direct them with investment as well as assisting them in beginning to invest.

He is also one of the leading attorney and investors he as well ensures that he does his best to help people attain their objectives. He as well put more effort to since he was in university therefore making him accomplish more experience and effort. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He is the Chief Financial Officer at Awearable Apparel and also holds a position as the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy. Awearable Apparel is one of the top organization that makes clothes whereby they are worn by children for the purpose of warning their parents if they are getting away from their parents these clothes have devices in them.

According to, Sam Tabar is also is the managing director of the Sparx Group whereby he has achieved many things due to his expertise and experience. Due to him having enough skills in the investment and marketing business he was able to make the organization develop rapidly. He as well is an investor who deals with funds hence accomplishing a lot.

Sam Tabar also has various expertise in the financial affairs and legal situation hence he is able to solve any problems that deal with finance. he as well is happy to be part of the development of numerous organization and he is certain in continue contributing in developing other organization to be successful.

Sam Tabar also help potential investors by funding and directing them on the right ways on how to invest because investing is not an easy job many people are not aware of that. He also teaches them on how to deal with challenges that may occur hence preparing them completely to be a prosperous entrepreneur.