Trumping the Dollar with Jordan Lindsey

Shortly before his inauguration, just over a year ago, then President-Elect Donald J. Trump declared to a reporter that the U.S. Dollar was too strong. Mr. Trump, who has a degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, was not the least bit unsure of his assertion.

At that moment anyone hearing his declaration, and who happened to be holding an extended position in the USD against other major world currencies may have felt a little concerned. The president of the United States has god-like powers to influence financial markets with his words.

When Jordan Lindsey, founder of JCL Capital, advises that forex traders execute on their plans part of that fulfillment requires that we pay attention. When giants speak, their words echo causing waves on our price charts. That can result in swinging volatility, the likes of which can quickly blow out your account.

The question Mr. Lindsey asked is can you become a millionaire trading forex? The answer to that question is that you certainly can. However, as Jordan regularly advises you must have a good long-term plan and stick to it. Reason with the mindset of an investor, not a gambler.

No one knows the future with absolute certainty. That is why we study the market, listen to the news, watch YouTube videos, and read different bloggers. To trade your plan successfully, you should know when to move your money to safety and when to deploy it. Furthermore, you should understand prudent money management, and always practice it.

The internet has democratized the forex market. Thanks to the World Wide Web and retail forex trading platforms, anyone can become wealthy. As Jordan Lindsey says, remember to stay the course and pay attention. The wise forex trader would take heed of the utterances coming from Mr. Trump and other critical influencers of money and markets. Like it or not, we exist in an age where one tweet can wipe out or create hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in your forex account.

Why The Frontera Fund Was Created

The press play an important role in any democracy and without them society descends into autocratic chaos. This is why the events of 2007 laid the foundations upon which the Frontera Fund is built. Joe Arpaio was already known as an opponent of illegal immigration, but his decision to use his authority as sheriff to harass and imprison reporters for trying to cover the controversy surrounding him is a truly low blow regardless of how you think about it. That censorship of media is a horrific thing that can’t be allowed to go on no matter how short it is or how minor the severity.


When Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin went to Arizona to cover the controversy surrounding Joe Arpaio they understood they wouldn’t necessarily get a warm welcome, but they didn’t expect him to abuse his power in such an obvious way. That led the duo to rethink what the story was about and what they were going to do. They wanted to make a difference and show people that Joe Arpaio wasn’t merely trying to enforce the law. They wanted to stand up for those who were the potential victims of Joe Arpaio and stop anything like this from happening.


The Frontera Fund is dedicated to the cause of supporting immigration and those that are specifically fought against by Arpaio. The fund is specifically dedicated to fighting fro civil rights, human rights, and migrant rights in America. There is something clearly important about these rights when you look at the history of America. America is a country founded by immigrants and it’s very clear that it will prosper as long it remains so. Stopping the likes of the natives is an absolutely important part of making sure America is able to return to what made it great in the first place.


After years of fighting the Frontera Fund is facing it’s greatest challenge yet. The rise of Donald Trump and his rhetoric makes it clear that the battle is going to continue. His pardoning of Joe Arpaio has also shown that there is so much work left to do. The most important to fight is when things don’t seem like they are going the way they need to. By fighting back the Frontera Fund wants to change the direction towards what it needs to be in order to protect the basic things that make America what it is now.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Expand Efforts to Stop Arpaio with Front Page Confidential

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were victimized by the corrupt Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, they decided that they couldn’t just sit around and watch it happen to other people. This is the reason the Frontera Fund was created.


At the time, Lacey and Larkin were the co-owners of The Phoenix New Times. Staff at the New Times had been spending a lot of time trying to uncover dirt on Arpaio. Arpaio had been terrorizing Arizona residents for over 10 years; Lacey and Larkin believed it was time for his reign of terror to come to an end.


Joe Arpaio wasn’t going to let this happen. He sent his deputies to arrest the journalists for no reason other than that he wanted to. Arpaio believed he finally had them locked away, but the public outrage exhibited by American citizens force Maricopa County to release the two journalists.


It wasn’t long until Lacey and Larkin filed a lawsuit. The journalist, claiming that they had had their first amendment rights violated, won a $3.75 million dollar lawsuit against Arpaio and Maricopa County. That’s where the money came from for The Frontera Fund.


Of course, The Frontera Fund wasn’t the only new organization to be birthed from the settlement. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had sold The Phoenix New times, so they needed a new publication. Front Page Confidential was born. They had an unorthodox idea for their new paper. Lacey and Larkin decided to use the paper to inform all of America about local politicians who take advantage of their power. With Joe Arpaio announcing his run for The Senate, Lacey and Larkin had been forced to take their efforts national.


Getting to Know Betsy ‘the Grizzly Bear’ DeVos

The idea that grizzly bears are surrounding schools ready to attack sounds like the premise of some B horror movie, but it seems to be what Betsy DeVos thinks schools across the United States should worry about. Schools need guns to deal with bears. This is the biggest story linked to the new Secretary of Education for the United States.


Betsy DeVos is a name that many Michigan residents know, but she was relatively unknown throughout the rest of the country until her bear attack story. It seems that she has become infamous, which is something Betsy did not love though she did not make any public statements about the fallout she received after making those comments on live television. Betsy was live because she was being interviewed by the senate for the position that she was later appointed to. Learn more:


Some of her answers may seem laughable and her positions controversial, which is probably why the senate’s vote was split when it came to voting her in or out. It was Mike Pence, the sitting VP, who casted the deciding vote that helped Betsy DeVos become the Secretary of Education of the country. This move was met with criticism though President Trump’s presidency is no stranger to controversy. Betsy may have been successful, but she was labeled a simpleton.


The people in Michigan who have seen her work the political system know that she is far from that. Her devotion to Christianity gives her the drive to reach her goals, one being the introduction of school choice. Betsy wants all Americans to be given the opportunity to attend whatever school they want, such as religious schools. She wants people to receive school vouchers that would allow them to give taxpayer money to the school of their choice. The problem is that she also does not want government oversight–just the money, which is where her argument falters. Still, her fortune and determination led her to some major wins in Michigan though other issues sprang up.


Some of the state’s poorest people had to stand by and see nearby public schools close, which is probably something Betsy didn’t expect. Students from poor neighborhoods now have to walk miles or take a few buses to get to a charter school.


Many wonder if Betsy is hoping to take the entire country down the same road. Those who think she is a simpleton should not underestimate the power of her money and the power of her devotion. Mike Cox, who was Michigan’s state attorney for some time, knows that her hard-headed determination should not be ignored. He has seen her wield the power of her money in order to get opponents out of the way and further her agenda. Trump definitely chose a visionary to be his Secretary of Education, even if her vision seems limited.

Elysium Health Works to Support Your Cellular Health

Elysium Health is one of the newer health startups in the supplement scene in the United States. It was founded by an MIT researcher Dr. Leonard Guarente, who has conducted significant research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging throughout his career.

The lack of regulation in the supplement industry has long wielded a double-edged sword. It has enabled some of the largest nutritional supplement producers to quickly bring new and innovative products to market without having to abide by rules imposed on medical drug manufacturers. However, this low barrier to entry and lack of oversight also attracted less-than-scrupulous players to the industry, causing it to become saturated with products of questionable value and efficacy.

Dr. Guarente saw this as an opportunity to create a consumer health company that would gain a high level of trust from its consumers and stand out in the industry. Elysium Health sells Basis, a daily supplement designed to support cellular health and optimization.

Basis supports cellular health by increasing NAD+ levels in humans. This coenzyme is essential for hundreds of vital functions that our cells are responsible for, like energy creation and circadian rhythms. Basis is able to increase the levels of NAD+ in the cells of its users. This is especially helpful for seniors because levels of NAD+ decline in our cells as we age.

Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website. Monthly subscriptions to the supplement start at $50 per month, but discounts are available for those that decide to purchase a six-month or twelve-month subscription of the supplement.

Elysium Health has ensured that Basis is vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and nut-free, and that it contains no artificial flavors or colors. Thus, even if you are on a diet or have allergies, Basis adheres to strict dietary restrictions.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Unrelenting In Their Fight for Immigration Rights through Frontera Fund

Opponents of former Maricopa County Sherriff 85-year-old Joe Arpaio applauded when it turned out that he was to serve a jail term after being having been found guilty of criminal contempt mid last year. However, this was not to be as he was pardoned by President Donald Trump a few weeks later. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He, therefore, will not be locked up nor will he face any other consequences for the wrongs he committed. Mr. Arpaio has been a staunch supporter of Mr. Donald Trump from way back even before he became president.

When Mr. Trump was fronting the birther movement against President Barrack Obama claiming that the former president was not born in the US hence does not deserve to be president, Mr. Arpaio was one of his biggest supporters. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is widely believed to have played a huge role in the President’s decision to pardon the controversial law enforcement officer. Despite being a well-known figure both in Arizona and at the national stage, he lost his bid for re-election as County Sherriff after serving for six terms in the same capacity amounting to a whopping 24 years.

In late 2011, a United States district court judge issued a court order against Mr. Arpaio and his office, for profiling people especially those with a Spanish descent while also bringing to the fore several examples whereby innocent people were profiled and as a result violating their civil rights.

As many would expect Mr. Arpaio and his team did not stop the profiling and violation of the civil rights of the Latinos and as a result in another ruling of May 2013, the Judge found that Mr. Arpaio and his team had involved themselves in racial profiling.

The Sheriff and group admitted having violated the judge’s orders issued earlier on though they blamed their actions on miscommunications and other trivial issues to have brought the confusion.

However, the evidence presented before the court revealed that they willfully and knowingly violated the judge’s orders. Mr. Arpaio protested that he did not understand the ruling and was found guilty of criminal contempt by the federal district judge Susan Bolt in late July 2017.

Mr. Arpaio and his team were also not friendly with anyone who had a different opinion on the way they carried out their duties. For instance, a local newspaper, The Phoenix New Times had for so long called out the Sherriff’s office for their wrongdoings.

Mr. Arpaio ordered his team to arrest the publication’s executives Mr. Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey from their home in the middle of the night. The duo then went to seek legal redress and argued that they were detained illegally.

Following a long legal battle, the pair won and they were awarded more than $3.7 million as settlement for the lawsuit. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used a significant portion of the money to set up and run the Frontera Fund which works to support groups that support the rights of people of Spanish descent in the state of Arizona.


Waiakea Water – Saving Lives One Bottle at a Time

Waiakea water is a bottled water company that is very unique. Not only are they the first to bottle Hawaiian volcanic water, but they are very environmentally conscious as well.

In 2014 alone, about 650 million did not have access to a sanitary water supply.

They are also helping to get fresh water to third world countries such as Malawi and rural Africa. For every liter of water sold, they donate enough water to supplement people who need it in Malawi for an entire week. Their partnership with Pump Aid has made it possible to get clean drinking water to those who need it and have greatly reduced the number of illnesses and fatalities that occur daily in third world countries.

Waiakea water‘s pH is right around 8.2 which is why it has a slight sweetness to it. It also takes about 30 days to travel from the volcano which is what gives it an “aged” flavor, making it light, and crisp. It also has silica which makes every bottle taste silky smooth. The natural filtration process of Waiakea water makes it contaminant-free, and it has a nitrate level of .59 mg/l so in short-it naturally tastes great.

Every year, billions of water bottles are used, and many of them end up in landfills where they take as many as 1000 years to break down. Waiakea water bottles take only about 15 years to break down and are also made of recycled materials. Waiakea also uses low emission vehicles to transport their product.

Waiakea has partnered with Pump Aid in order to get clean drinking water to countries such as Malawi where there are people that do not have clean drinking water. Without clean water, there are many more illnesses and even deaths in areas of the world such as rural Africa and Malawi. Waiakea prides itself on its product and the good they are able to do.

Waiakea is very careful not to negatively impact the environment, and the company uses as much as 33 percent of renewable energy. It is also considered to be a CarbonNeutral company.

Louis Chenevert Shakes the Culture and Changes the Industry

In order to maintain a successful corporation as the Chief Executive Officer, it is important that one maintains a full commitment to the company’s future trajectory, while also delivering results that can be quantified over the short term. Although Louis Chenevert is now the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, his blueprint is still followed by the current CEO, Gregory Hayes, which has continued to prove invaluable to the company’s success. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert attended HEC Montreal, where received his bachelor of commerce degree in production management.

Louis Chenevert would spend fourteen years working for General Motors before joining Pratt & Whitney Canada, for which he would become President in a mere six years. It was while Mr. Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney that he came across a budding new technology regarding plane engines, and when he was elected Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, he felt that it would be of great importance to bring this technology with him for further development. While at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert implemented a culture that relied heavily on forward-thought, as well as education regarding his current employees.

By investing in the education of his workforce, innovation always stood firmly at the helm, making for a growing corporation without limits regarding future production. Over the course of the next few years with investments by United Technologies Corporation exceeding $10 billion, the development of the engine technology would result in the creation of the GTF. The GTF would be able to utilize nearly 20 percent less in fuel, while also cutting emissions in half when compared with their existing counterparts. The development of the GTF engine would be a resounding success, resulting in an engine that is now used by over fourteen major airlines in over seventy aircrafts. This success, among his many others, has led to a profitable and sustainable culture within the walls of United Technologies Corporation, as well as blueprint that many other major corporations around the world have begun to implement.

Jeunesse Global is for Youth

Jeunesse is Making the Difference

Jeunesse is a company that is dedicated to helping people feel and look better. Apart from being a company that sells amazing products, Jeunesse also has a dedication to their distributors. The direct selling model that Jeunesse implements is outstanding, and Jeunesse has a global platform that has been able to help thousands of people. Jeunesse has created a global movement that enables people to reach their maximum potential both in work and in their personal lives. Jeunesse is a unique company that completely transcends any national, ethnic, or economic barrier.

Products Offered by Jeunesse

Jeunesse has amazing products that lead the industry when it comes to youth enhancement. Jeunesse has a Youth Enhancement System that was developed with innovative technology and science. This Y.E.S. system is set up to reserve, rejuvenate, defend, restore, balance, enhance, clarify, energize, diminish, and beautify a person from the inside out.

Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials is a vitamin and mineral formula that helps an individuals improve their daily performance. Everyday Essentials includes an AM and a PM Essentials. The day formula has essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, and biotin, and some of the minerals that it includes are iodine, and copper. The PM Essentials is a formula that is made to restore the body during the night hours. Some of its ingredients include soybean, evening Primrose oil, Valerian root, Tumeric root extract, and seaweed. The combination of these supplements helps an individual to reach optimum health levels.


Luminesce is a antiaging skincare line that is made to restore radiance and youthful vitality to the skin. This antiaging line works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; it helps an individual to rejuvenate their skin to its youthful glow. This is a skincare line that was developed by dermatologist, and it includes the PT – 200 property which has been proven to reduce the signs of aging on the skin.

Why Jeunesse is so Popular

Jeunesse is a company that stands in a class of its own. Not only does it benefit the world by distributing amazing products, but it also has an amazing marketing model that greatly benefits its distributors.

Jeff Yastine, the Financial Guru

Jeff Yastine, the Editor of Total Wealth Insider is one of the most insightful financial advisors of the modern times. Yastine constantly engages in the writing of informative articles that provide crucial financial advice to his readers. In one of his articles titled “Here’s where to look for 2018 profits, he provided valuable information that aims to help readers make profits in 2018. In this article, Yastine recommends investments on mergers and acquisitions as the best bet for anyone hoping to earn fortunes from their investments in 2018. He goes ahead to mention the merger between Disney and twenty-first century as an example.

Jeff Yastine’s analysis and arguments on the reasons why mergers are the best investment in 2018 demonstrate his valued financial acumen. Through Total wealth insider and other online platforms, Yastine continues to offer more financial insights that open up more investment opportunities to his readers and subscribers. Yastine is a financial journalist who has received Emmy nomination because of his wealth of financial knowledge. His contributions and leadership propelled the Total Wealth Insider to become a successful financial newsletter. Like most people with insightful analysis, Yastine has gained enough experience in the financial analysis, which earns him the respect of many people.

Yastine joined the Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director in 2015 before becoming the editor for Total Wealth Insider. He also makes weekly contributions helping his readers, who are mostly investors, to understand and maximize their profits from the market. He also makes weekly contributions to Banyan Hill’s Winning investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily to help the investors make informed decisions from the financial, economic and business trends discussed in the newsletters. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

With more than 20 years’ experience in the stock market investment and financial journalism, Yastine has unmatched skills, insights, and knowledge right to the doorsteps of his readers.

More info about Jeff Yastine at

From 1994 to 2010, Yastine worked as a Financial Anchor and Correspondent at PBS Business Report. During this time, his work involved investigating how the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers made their fortunes. He also engaged in the collection and reporting of some of the most successful investment stories, including the rise and fall of businesses in the 1990’s and factors that influenced real estate in the 2000’s.In 2002, he made a memorable contribution to the NBR’s framework to buying of bonds. He earned an Emmy nomination for Business and Financial Reporting in 2007 for his investigation into U.S inadequate infrastructure system.


Jeff Yastine warns of value traps

Financial expert Jeff Yastine believes there are only two types of stock that you can ever invest in, and those are value and those that are merely value traps. Jeff Yastine illustrates his point by explaining the differences. Yastine points to the Fairholme fiasco, when discussing investment risks without evaluating and proper market analysis.

Bruce Berkowitz is the founder of Fairholme and with his successes earned assets that totaled $20 billion. In 2011, he attempted to control his assets and as a result of that, his fund is only worth $2 billion. Yastine is trying to say that Berkowitz investment was done without proper research and evaluation of the stocks. Berkowitz put his money on Sears Holdings, which led him over the edge. Jeff Yastine said that Berkowitz originally told investors that Sears was worth $90 per share. Over time, that has drastically fallen. The value of shares has fallen closer to the negative and is not believed to improve anytime in the near future. Berkowitz says that Sears is now operating on losses and will continue to do so for a long period of time. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

Jeff Yastine is the editorial director for Banyan Hill Publishing. Along with Banyan Hill, Jeff Yastine is also a chief editor for the Total Wealth Insider, As part of the Total Wealth Insider, he was able to help local and veteran investors navigate the chaotic market. Yastine’s experience has given him a deep understanding of how investors can maximize their gains each financial period. Jeff Yastine has found a way to help rookie investors understand the system and learn the ropes in investing.

View Jeff Yastine’s profile at LinkedIn.

Jeff Yastine has been able to help companies who have operated on losses, turn them around and help correct their mistakes. Jeff Yastine gave warning to investors of the impending real estate crisis that happened in the 2000s and the tech bubble. Jeff Yastine also has spent his time discussing the financial impact of world events including the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and the transfer of the Panama Canal. Jeff Yastine has been nominated for several award including being nominated for a Business Emmy Award, for his coverage on the underfunded infrastructures. Yastine received the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. Jeff Yastine continues to advise investors and companies and help them prevent mistakes they may have made in the past.

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