Daniel is an Israeli diplomat and a former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom

If there is an Israeli diplomat who has ever been committed to helping his county, then it is Daniel Taub. Daniel is an Israeli diplomat and a former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. Taub served between 2011 and 2015. His commitment to work is what impressed his country and the Jewish community.

Before he became an ambassador, he had already served the country in a number of positions. He was working with the ministry of foreign affairs of the Israeli government. His passion for work while serving in the ministry is what led to his appointment as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub had served his country with dedication also in the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. He had made sure that there was an agreement although even after accomplishing this mission, tables turned when Palestine withdrew from the peace agreement.

Daniel Taub is passionate about helping his country. He is concerned that his people have been misunderstood for a long time and blamed for the conflicts that happen in the Middle East. He sought to set the record straight while serving in London as the ambassador of Israel. He used the British media to push for a better understanding of the cause of conflicts in the Middle East and how the international community should approach the matter.

Daniel Taub is a diplomat and an international lawyer. So, he understands what is needed to arrive at peace in the region. After all, he is one person who has extensively been involved in the peace negotiations. He knows the matter better than anyone else. So, when he says that there is more to the conflicts than what the international community does, he has a point. Daniel Taub says that Israel is committed to the stability of the region, but the other players in the peace deals should also show the same commitment.

Daniel Taub as a diplomat ensured that his country only enjoyed the best from its partnership with the United Kingdom. There was so much to gain from the international relationship with the U.K as it would be later demonstrated at the end of his term.

Daniel Taub who left office in 2015 managed to get the trade deals between the United Kingdom and Israel to over $7 billion annually. The improvement was double what happened before he joined office was. Daniel Taub was proud that he had managed to bring a positive impact in his country by facilitating better trade between Israel and the United Kingdom.

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Matt Badiali Cites Reading as His No. 1 Asset

After garnering his Bachelor of Science degree in earth science from Penn State University, Matt Badiali continued his education by attaining his Master of Science degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. By all accounts, Mr. Badiali had every intention of pursuing a career as a scientist, even doing so for a short period while in Miami, FL, where he was an environmental geologist. It was while performing the dangerous duties associated with that position, that he decided to continue his education at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2004. While there, he was propositioned by a friend to help him find new methods that would assist the average investor. This would change the trajectory of his career path forever. Shortly after, while gaining a greater understanding of the financial aspects of investing, Mr. Badiali began to garner an exceptional client portfolio and after about ten years in the industry joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he acts as the editor of the newsletter and advisory service, Total Wealth Strategist. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook

Throughout his career as an investor, Matt Badiali has developed a number of methods that have helped him to connect more intimately with his readers, most notably, his hands-on approach regarding impending investments. This approach has taken him to a number of countries and territories around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, and Switzerland. While seeing his investments first-hand has helped him to consistently make good decisions, it also helps him to connect with his audience, being that he is able to utilize real-world examples when discussing the prospects of a particular investment opportunity. Matt Badiali is also an avid reader himself, citing it as the number one pool for the information that he discusses with his audience. He often scours outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, The Mining Journal, and Bloomberg prior to delivering information to his readership. This helps him to stay abreast of the latest trend and topics.

Throughout his career, Matt Badiali has experienced several failures in regards to investment ideas and realizing that this is a simply a part of the process, made good on these mistakes by accepting the failure and ending the situation as soon as possible. This, as well as the ability to overdeliver for his audience and clients, has helped him to consistently grow his business over the last decade, and today he is regarded as one of the foremost investors regarding energy, metals, and natural resources. More info can be found at https://mattbadialiguru.com/


Ian King Declares Bitcoin is at the End of the Beginning

Ian King recently joined the Banyan Hill Publishing editorial team to add his cryptocurrency expertise to the board’s set of outstanding trading and investing skills. He is a former trader of dot com stocks, credit derivatives, mortgage bonds and equities. When King learned about the enormous potential of crypto assets, he quit his lucrative job as a hedge fund manager so he could educate people about how to make money trading bitcoin. He became the most active contributor on cryptos to Investopedia.

By early January 2018, the market for bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies lost lots of money. In December 2017 the price of one bitcoin pushed close to $20,000. But the new year saw a drop of 71%, which is drastic.

However, the new investors bitcoin attracted in 2017 were not used to such volatility wiping out all their profits. They didn’t see bitcoin drop 85% in 2011. They didn’t hold it through the many other major dips and drawdowns in its history, even in 2017. By the end of that year, it seemed bitcoin knew only how to go up. So many people were not prepared for the downside 2018 brought. View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.

In his first article for Banyan Hill’s readers, King said the downturn was not the end of bitcoin, only the end of its beginning. For years the word about bitcoin had spread underground through libertarians and others who wanted it to replace the fiat money issued by governments. Nobody else had ever heard of bitcoin unless in conjunction with online drug sales on Silk Road or ransomware attacks. But that changed. By the end of 2017, bitcoin and other cryptos cross the tipping point to mass awareness. Bitcoin’s market price went up an astounding 1,500%, leading many people to believe they’d be rich if they had heard of it and bought in earlier (and if they resisted the urge to take profits). That ignited their greed and their fear of missing out. The total market capitalization of cryptocoins went from $18 billion to over $600 billion. Learn more on crunchbase  about Ian King

Now that the market mania of December has subsided, many experts are saying it’s the end of bitcoin, and they couldn’t be happier. As King points out, although almost everybody has heard of bitcoin, few people own it. And few of those people actually understand it. Despite the stories of how people mortgaged their homes to buy crypto coins, the market is still a long way from being saturated. Learn more:https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/


Dr. David Samadi:Mitt Romney’s Prognosis Good after Prostate Surgery

According to urology expert Dr. David Samadi, the prognosis for the recovery from prostate cancer for Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate, is good. Dr. Samadi, chief of Robotic Surgery and chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, said Romney’s cancer has been successfully treated through surgery. Romney had been diagnosed with a slow-growing cancerous tumor and underwent prostate surgery a few months ago. Some say his cancer disclosure and announcement of his clean bill of health is a sign he plans to run for Orin Hatch’s Utah seat in the U.S. Senate.

Dr. Thomas Ahlering successfully performed the surgery at California’s UC Irvine Hospital and Romney’s prognosis is said to be good. In 2017, over 161,360 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and the American Cancer Society estimates in 2018 there will be 164,690 new prostate cancer cases confirmed. About 60% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are over age 65. The 70 year old Romney joins politicians Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as well-known men that had successful surgical treatment for prostate cancer.

Dr. Samadi, a Hofstra School of Medicine urology professor, says men diagnosed with prostate cancer must look at the pros and cons and before deciding between surgery and radiation treatment. Dr. Samadi recommends surgery if the cancer is confined to the prostate gland. Studies show in those cases men had better outcomes with surgery than radiation treatment. Dr. Samadi pointed out that men who opt for radiation treatment die sooner and twice as often as those choosing surgery. Radiation treatment patients also often develop rectal, bladder and other secondary cancers.

A board-certified urologist, Dr. David Samadi specializes in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. He has a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University and graduated from Stoney Brook School of Medicine with his M.D. He attended Montefiore Medical Center to do postgraduate training in urology. He went to Albert Einstein College of Medicine for advanced training in proctology. In 2001, Dr. Samadi was at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center completing an oncology fellowship focused on proctology. He also studied in France under Professor Claude Abbou at Henri Mondor Hospital Cretail for a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samadi said men diagnosed prostate cancer should select an experienced, qualified urologist/oncologist to provide the guidance they need to make informed decisions about overcoming the disease.

Facility Personnel Comment on Securus Technologies Inmate Communication System

Securus Technologies uses cutting edge technology to connect incarcerated individuals to their family and friends. The company prides itself on exceptional communication services. While the company is a high tech organization, they are also focused on helping to maintain strong relationships for those incarcerated through different calling options and video visits that are easy to use. These options overcome the limitations distance or scheduling issues can place on visitation possibilities for the family and friends of inmates. Phone and video options can be accessed from wherever Apple® or Android® smartphones, tablets or PCs can be used.


By all reports, the program has become popular in facilities across North America. On Oct. 21, 2016, the company released a sample of comments made by facility customers. These comments discussed utilizing technology to solve and prevent criminal activities. This included crimes perpetrated by one inmate against another. Some of the comments published include:


  • “The reporting data has enhanced our agency’s proactive measures in monitoring and deterring the incidence of contraband in our facilities.”
  • “Investigative tools allow for staff to conduct investigations when there is a complaint of harassment or a potential threat to the security of the facility or the community.”
  • “We were in the middle of an investigation when I called you about the covert alert feature and with your help, we were able to utilize this feature and take the suspect into custody.”



Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1.2 million incarcerated men and women in North America. Additional comments and information about the technology and how it is being received can be found here.

Gregory Aziz Can Pull Companies Out Of The Weeds

There are very few people in the world that can claim to bring a single business up from near-bankruptcy and make it an international player in its industry. Even fewer can claim to do this more than once. One of these individuals is entrepreneur, businessman, and investor Gregory James Aziz. Aziz has performed this task twice, and he owes all of this success to his ability to read a business and its environment, his innovative thinking, and his patience.

The first company that Gregory James Aziz helped was Affiliated Foods. Starting at the Company in 1971 shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Greg Aziz was not quite sure what his role would be. He was easily promoted up through management into the executive staff due to his knowledge and business acumen. In the late 1970s, he started to make some major changes. He realized that the Company was not living up to its potential. He wanted to expand into new markets, primarily the United States, so he started doing research and reaching out to potential customers. Eventually, he was able to pull distribution networks all throughout North America. He even obtained new supply contracts in South America and Europe in order to import more desired and exotic foods. His business sense helped him create one of the leading food distributors throughout North America. In 1994, he wanted to do the same thing but with a different industry, so he purchased National Steel Car.

National Steel Car was a well-respected rolling stock and freight car assembly plant located in Ontario. In its heyday, NSC was able to put out thousands of rail cars each year, and they had major contracts with all of the railroads in Ontario. However, poor management and an even worse economy led the owners to stop investing in the company, and a strategy of low-cost, low-quality products was developed. Greg Aziz took one look at this strategy and knew it would never work. When he purchased the company, he did his research and found a new way to incentivize engineers to start focusing on safer, higher-quality designs. He found new customers and told his old customers that the Company was turning over a new leaf. In his time at National Steel Car, he increased production capacity and profits by over 300 percent, and NSC remains one of the strongest manufacturers of rolling stock today. See This Article for additional information.


Greg Aziz is truly a titan of business. He is able to read the environment and know what the customer wants better than other managers. Due to his vast array of skills, he was able to pull companies like Affiliated Foods and National Steel Car out from the weeds and into prominence.


More: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome

Is IDLife For You?

Today there are so many different ways to become fit in the world. There are crash diets, diet cookbooks, personal trainers, etc. But there are also successful programs online that individuals can sign up for to get special one on one time with a trainer or nutritionist, this is where IDLife comes in.

IDLife is a health and wellness company where people who wish to get healthier fill out a simple health assessment and then receive a personalized nutritional plan.

IDLife understands that each and every person is different and needs their own plan to get motivated and get healthy. Each one of these plans from the company is backed by science as well, so it’s not scientists doing their own random studies on people, these are tried and true methods that are known to work and help people just like you. The best part is that you’ll have a specialist there to help you along the way.

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The neat thing about IDLife is that there are not just a few people trying to balance a plethora of people there is a big team of executives, scientific medical board people, fitness ambassadors, and others who are just along for the ride to help.

After successfully completing the health assessment a few professionals are assigned to you in order to keep you going, and they recommend which products that IDLife provides that will work best for you to help you get to the place where you want to be. Many people have tried this company and almost all of them will tell you how much they enjoyed this program and found it very helpful in terms of getting themselves back in shape.

This company is definitely going places, they just recently announced a partnership with Garmin a watch company who happens to have a fitness app. These two programs will go hand in hand together to get people to be the healthiest they have ever been.

Find more about IDLife: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-bio/logan-stouts-journey-star-athlete-successful-entrepreneur/