Dr. Eric Forsthoefel About Non-Urgent Cases Taking ER Resources

Studies have shown that a major problem in the healthcare industry today is the overuse of emergency departments in the cases where non-urgent care is necessary. A 2016 survey showed that approximately one third of American patients chose to go to the emergency room even though their case is not an emergency. A popular news story that emerged from Florida confirms the statistic.

Eric Forsthoefel, who is an emergency physician, witnessed many non-urgent cases at Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center. When interviewed he explain that this is a problem due to the fact that there is a lack of access to the primary care medicine, which forces many patient to seek help at the Emergency Department. Regardless of the issue, it is the doctor’s duty to provide care to all patients, and every patient will be tended to by a physician, nurses, and support staff, but the increasing number of non-urgent cases are stretching the hospital resources and makes it difficult to manage crisis situations when patients do need immediate attention.

Many surveys and studies confirm Dr. Forsthoefel’s statement about why patients chose to get help from the emergency room. In 2005, a survey asked ER doctors to give their opinion on the issue and many have said that patients choose the ER because appointments with primary care physicians and the fact that they are not open on weekends is a huge factor for a lot of patients.

Dr. Forsthoefel declared that emergency departments are working harder in order to remain efficient and provide the best care possible. He notes that it is difficult to maintain a patient flow, and that time and resources are being diverted to non-emergent conditions, despite the fact that they are intended to be used for acute cases.

Despite the misconception that patient in the ERs are largely uninsured, studies have shown that approximately 80% of non-urgent cases in the ER rooms in the state of Florida involve people who do have insurance. As a result of research, the best solutions for reducing non-urgent care in ERs is making primary care, as well as other alternatives, more convenient.


Randal Nardone Has Accepted A Bid To Sell His Company To Soft Bank, A Japanese Investor

Randal Nardone is one of the most respected people in the financial industry after helping his company, Fortress Investment Group to establish itself in the market. The business analyst, who has worked for commercial organizations in the past did not only enable his company to grow, but he made it be one of the largest wealth managers in the industry regarding the number of customers it serves and the wealth it manages.

Recently, Randal had to deal with one of the most critical decision since he established the company. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015. He had received a bid from a Japanese investor, Soft Bank to sell the company, which was a serious issue to consider. The stories were all over the market with various individuals highlighting how it would be a mistake to accept a bid from a foreign company while others are saying that selling the company was an excellent opportunity to harvest what he has invested for more than thirty years.

Randal went ahead to accept a takeover bid from the company which means that the ownership of the company is already on the transfer process. Although many people have criticized the move, they do not have the actual details concerning the takeover bid. It has been said that Randal Nardone and other members of the executive group will remain at the helm of the operations at Fortress Investment Group. This means that Randal will still be in a position to influence the activities at the company despite selling it.

Fortress Investment Group will also get an opportunity to expand into the Asian market through its Japanese owners who might have a clear strategy on how to operate in the region. The company will get another market where it will be selling its products and services in an area which has not been dominated by asset managers.

Randal Nardone proved his leadership skills recently when Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Japanese company, SoftBank. This transaction brought about a very heated debate on whether the existence and survival of the company were at risk. Many leaders of the organization remained silent about the issue, an aspect that led to a lot of speculation by the investors and the other stakeholders of the organization. However, Randal Nardone boldly went out to the media to explain to the interested parties about the acquisition so that they could understand its essence from the company’s perspective.

Increasing Financial Fitness With Infinity Group Australia

At the point when a person is endeavoring to end up physically fit there are various strides to be taken. That individual must alter their way of living, and in addition take after an arrangement and the direction of a mentor. The same goes for anybody hoping to enhance their money related wellness. Everybody has battled monetarily in some way or another or another, and sooner or later in their life. So finding the correct direction for your budgetary adventure is indispensable. Long haul budgetary training has turned out to be helpful to a huge number of individuals everywhere throughout the world. Many tragically think that they can do everything without anyone else; and that searching out money related assistance from experts is an indication of shortcoming. In all actuality, wealthiest individuals on the planet have help arranging their budgetary wellness. The wealthiest individuals on the planet additionally we’re not generally the wealthiest individuals on the planet. Everybody needs to begin some place yet the most vital advance is taking the first.


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