Peter Briger and his Multiple Career Activities in Finance and Philanthropy

Peter Briger is one of the billionaires in the Fortress Investment Group whose legacy will never fade away. This due to the significant contributions that he has made to the company and the entire investment management industry. He has remained loyal and relevant to the company since his entrance in 2002. The reason behind Peter Briger joining Fortress Investment Group was that the company needed an expert who would transform its operations from managing a single asset strategy to start the management of multiple assets. At that time, his popularity in the management of assets vehicles and reviving the distress ones had spread all over the industry like the bushfire. Everyone knew that Briger was the real vaccine to any investment vehicle that was not performing.

Following his reputation, the management of Fortress Investment Group requested him to join them at the company so that he could assist them in the introduction and management of the new assets that they intended to develop in the company. That was when Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Before then, Peter Briger had been working as the managing director for one of the largest finance and investment management organization in New York, Goldman Sachs. However, the company had not employed Briger as the managing director at the time of recruitment. He was recruited as a junior operations officer immediately after completing school. What made Peter rise the ranks was his competence that he portrayed in his work at the company and the management was persuaded to promote him to the senior positions. To know more about him click here.

When the managing director of Goldman Sachs retired in 1999, the shareholders thought that Peter Briger was the best-fit candidate to fill the position. That was when he was promoted to become the managing director of the reputable company. Besides the routine office work at Fortress Investment Group and the former employer, Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger is also famous for his philanthropic nature. He has been participating in charity events that are organized to raise funds to assist the poor in the community. This is to ensure that the community maintains a balance between the rich and the less privileged.


Krishen Iyer – CEO of Managed Benefit Services

Krishen Iyer is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services – a consulting company based out of Fresno for health insurance companies. The company has their own website, where they can be reached either by phone or email.

The CEO is a graduate of San Diego State University and is known for his diverse range of skills in business, marketing, advertising, and client relations. Krishen Iyer understands that people have doubts, although believes people should be taking risks or they will never know what could have been. The entrepreneur also has a keen sense of learning and enjoys picking up more information. Iyer knows that entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen and that people need to make something special to be successful.

He is also known for his ability to adapt to any situation or issue that arises. Aside from working, he enjoys traveling and reading in his free time. Krishen Iyer is also the owner of Iyer Real Estate Co. and has done some volunteering for the community. The businessman tends to stay on financial trends and topics, along with being intrigued in space and on the possibility of traveling there often. The interview goes into his tastes when it comes down to food and on his career. Iyer states that he likes Indian food, but also enjoys anything that is healthy.

The businessman sees a lot of potential and growth in Managed Benefit Services and wants to continue delivering terrific service to clients. Iyer lists that his biggest accomplishment is to keep improving and of course, his children. Krishen finds the motivation to improve his brand and to give great service to customers. It also helps that he loves what he does and is interested in business in general.


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Paul Herdsman Is The COO Of NICE Global And A Fishing And Golf Enthusiast


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs and companies through his own company, NICE Global. As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE, he helps companies offer better customer service and also helps them to manage their day-to-day operations. NICE Global is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Herdsman focuses on building strategic partnerships and building growth plans that gain traction over time.


Outside of work, Paul Herdsman loves to play golf and go fishing. Paul Herdsman believes that it is healthy to have outside interests because life can become dull and uninteresting otherwise. He started fishing when he was very young and still remembers getting his first fishing pole for Christmas. He can’t remember if he had seen someone fishing on television or if he read a book about it, but he does remember that he was enthused to do it. Paul Herdsman didn’t get into golf until after high school when he finally had the time to focus on the sport. He continues to find golf challenging but welcomes the challenge every time he hits the greens. See This Article for more information.


Paul Herdsman admits that, both, golf and fishing can be competitive, but he has chosen to not compete in golf because he enjoys the sport for the relaxation it induces. In the past, he has engaged in competitive fishing with a group of friends who were into saltwater fishing. Paul Herdsman learned that fishing is all about being prepared and paying close attention to details rather than luck and enjoys tournament fishing. He once won a fishing tournament in the state of Florida together with his team and felt very accomplished after doing so. His best golf feat has been to score as low as a score of 75, and he feels very happy with that score as golf continues to challenge him.


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Peter Briger applies experience from former organizations at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a financial expert who has had a successful career. He has been working as the co-chairman and Principal at the Fortress Investment Group for over a decade now. He joined this company in 2002. Since he joined this company, the rate of growth for this company has gone up significantly. In the company, Briger is in charge of the real estate and credit department. Fortress Investment has a history that goes back to 1998 when it was created. It started as a privately owned equity firm, but over the years, it has transformed into one of the biggest financial firms in the world.

Peter Briger is well educated on financial matters. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University. He also has a masters in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. After his university education, he embarked on looking for better opportunities which would enable him to gain experience. He worked with different organizations which have helped him to gain experience which he is now utilizing at Fortress Investment Group. Previously he was working with the Goldman Sachs in the areas of Global Control, Japan Executive Committee, and Asia Management. At Goldman Sachs, he mainly specialized in assets such as real estate, debt vehicles, and loans. He excelled by taking the undervalued property and selling at a hefty price. He worked with Goldman Sachs for 15 years. This experience in a top tier organization was enough to facilitate his work at Fortress Investment Group. Through his efforts, the company is now managing assets worth billions of dollars.

Peter Briger is also a philanthropist who gives back to the community. He has been giving out donations to support education although not all details he divulges to the public. He has an initiative which helps graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish their dreams. He is a member of the Princeton University Investment Foundation. He is happy about supporting the young people to accomplish their dreams by mentoring them to become successful as he is today. Peter Briger is among the wealthiest people in the world, and he appears in the list of the top 400 wealthiest professionals in America.

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How Randal Nardone Made the Forbes Billionaire’s List

Randal Nardone, a Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment Group, is one of the five partners to build the company. Today, Randal is the CEO of the company, and has been active in this role since 2013. Additionally, he is also the Principal for Fortress Credit Corporation. His roles are varied, including his time to take on the role of President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. There are still many roles outside of these that he has stepped into, but what matters most?

As any good CEO believes, Randal Nardone knows that you can’t get into a position like this overnight or with very little skill. With a background in law and finance, he is one of the key reasons behind the firm that has caused it to become a trendsetter. It was in 2007 that the initial IPO was made known, and it was impressive for this large scale investment firm to make the NYSE so quickly.

One of the best words used to describe the firm is “diverse”. With global funds diversified, and more than $43 billion dollars in assets managed, the firm has more than 1,750 investors in private equity. Capital vehicles and hedge funds are all a part of the bigger picture of what happens daily inside the Fortress Investment Group. The company’s continued growth has led to the hiring of more than 900 people, and it’s growing strong.

What is new for Randal Nardone? Now that the company is focused on open-end asset funds, they will be using direct lending to support this action. This allows their investors to access private credit when needed. Some of the most pertinent areas of interest are aircraft leases and other commercial needs that one may have for their company or luxury.

The company continues to raise money for other endeavors, like raising capital for large scale investments related to patents. Randal Nardone will continue to lead the charge with this new opportunity at Fortress Investment Group.