• June 27, 2021

Alejandro Betancourt Brings Change to Hawkers Company

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez recently took the reins of the Hawkers Company and is set on transforming the company into a thriving fashion house. A mission he intends on achieving by leveraging the social media space.

Humble Beginnings

Hawkers Company is a renowned fashion house in its own right known for making high-quality sunglasses at affordable prices. It is also a household name in the Spain fashion scene as it has gradually become a lifestyle brand that people love and gravitate towards.

Hawkers Company, however, was not always the fashion giant that it is today, as, during its early years of inception, it encountered some financial challenges. And its founders were forced to seek help from other investors to salvage the enterprise.

Leveraging an Opportunity

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and his partners seeing this as an opportunity to get into the fashion scene came together and raised a total of 50 million Euros funds to invest in the business.

The Turning Point

The company under the great leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, started making progress and profits and today boasts of having over 200 employees and offices in cities all over the world from Barcelona, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez in an attempt to grow the company image decided to leverage the online space and dived deep into Facebook advertising. With time, the company has grown its fan bases and currently engages millions and millions of followers, with its pages getting up to 6.6 million likes on the platform.

The company also uses unconventional marketing methods such as bringing in brand ambassadors on board using their campus representative program.

The program recruits numerous college students passionate about the fashion brand to market it in their institutions and are offered prizes by the company.

The company also engages social media influencers to market the company’s’ brand in their platforms and, in exchange, are given prizes which may vary from festival tickets, among other things.