• August 1, 2021

Alejandro Betancourt Contribution to Hawkers Success

The buying of an exotic sunglasses company that value was only a few dollars have turned to become one of the most successful enterprises. The business was bought a decade ago but under Alejandro Betancourt Hawkers have grown to show its full potential. Hawkers sunglasses brands have become popular all over the world. The glasses are known for their high quality with unique interchangeable lenses.

The glasses are suitable for every person, from those who want basic eye protection to those that need them for fashion. They have proven to be great accessories to models and fashion icons. The company now has a value of more than $60 million dollars. They have also gained huge markets all over the world, and for less than a decade, they are changing the industry.

Some ambitious and young entrepreneurs from Spain decided to develop a website by the name Saldum. This website was developed with the aim of thriving the secondhand market. The company had made less than 50 sales within the first eighteen months. However, they decided not to give up.

Pablo Lozano, Alejandro Betancourt Moreno, and David decided to be doing part-time e-commerce work on the platform. During this time, they discovered that the customers could earn more than what they charged them. They then realized that they could sell more on the online platform. The biggest question was what they should sell there. During this period Alejandro Betancourt became the president to Hawkers.

Alejandro Betancourt decided to look for a low-cost product that could sell easily. Before too long, they came up with the idea of selling sunglasses. All they needed was a pair of sunglasses for each of them. They then had to come up with a marketing strategy. The first idea was through Facebook ads, and later they recruited social media influencers. This advertising model became so successful that it also attracted more influencers. Through this, the sales continued to grow each day. Refer to this page for additional information