• January 2, 2022

 Alex A Molinaroli Still Working For Women

Former CEO of Johnson Controls Alex A Molinaroli is eager to shine a spotlight on women-owned businesses. However, he does admit that women face their own set of special challenges when starting up their own businesses. Despite this fact, Molinaroli says women are eager to remove those roadblocks and prove their worth.

Although business startups are overwhelmingly conducted by males, Molaniroli says he is determined to help. In fact, over the past 30 years, he has mentored many women — especially minority women.

“I like personally investing my time and experience in helping women obtain financing in such a male-dominated industry. It is very important to show women that they can do this as long as they work hard and have the drive to succeed.”

Alex A Molinaroli says he has a certain amount of empathy towards women because of his own two daughters. The perspective he gained emboldened him, even more, to provide as much help as he can.

While Molaniroli helped many women at Johnson Controls, he has continued into his retirement. During his stint at Johnson, he opened doors for many women in terms of promotions. But despite his best efforts, data shows that women are still far behind men in business. The Forbes CEO list is made up of about 8% females.

Molaniroli says the only thing that can bridge that gap is women stepping up and demanding what they need and want. Although that can be a bit intimidating, it could also be life-changing. That along with other people advocating for you can make a tremendous difference, according to Molinaroli.

Another key is offering programs and mentorships to young female businesswomen. Malaniroli says these women are open to learning everything they can about rising through the ranks.

Alex A Molinaroli is also a big advocate for making mental health help accessible to women. Good mental health is an important part of creating strong families.

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