Ian King: From Wall Street to Websites

Banyan Hill Publishing was originally founded as a publisher for accurate and quick investment advice. It has grown to include a readership of more than 400,000 individuals daily. A recent article, featured on CrunchBase, discusses how the investment company continues to provide the best independent investment advice available. “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street” is a must-read for anyone that is interested in getting into the field of investing. Private investors will find a very rich resource in the experts at that rate for Banyan Hill Publishing. In fact, Banyan Hill covers investments from anything to do with small companies located in the United States to large natural resource investments. New investors will find that there is something for everyone within their pages. Visit the website iankingguru.com to learn more.

One of the good things that the article does for the reader is introduced them to some of the professionals that they can expect to receive information from when perusing Banyan Hill Publishing’s article archives. One such expert is a long time investment guru Ian King. King has made a name for himself in the investment world when it comes to the exciting and new potentials of crypto-currency. Crypto-currency is one of the biggest growing investment markets to date and having someone like Ian King on staff will ensure that Banyan Hill remains a competitive resource for their readers.

Ian King, himself, started out in the investment world as a desk clerk. While his beginnings may have been meager, he earned a lot of experience working for a bond trading company that centered around mortgages. He was instrumental in the success of his clients, resulting in them making more than 10 million during various times in his career. He has much experience with single trading that results in large returns. He remains a very valuable resource for many people within the field.

Eventually, Ian King wanted to do more with the financial gifts that he had been given. He saw that there were many individuals who were struggling to carve out their own niche within the investment market. There are so many different things to put money into, but they lacked the advice that they needed to make it work for them. In 2017, he chose to begin writing for Banyan Hill Publishing and provide that information to his readers in a way that they could make actionable. He continues to write for the publication and his articles are available to anyone that might be interested in gathering more information.

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Ted Bauman is an editorial director at Banyan Hill. The financial expert is the editor of the Plan B Club Alpha Stock Alert and The Bauman Letter. In addition to this, he is also a special advisor of international migration, privacy, strategies in investing in low-risk investments and asset protection matters. He also contributes to The Sovereign Investor Daily which is a daily newsletter. The editor joined the publishing house in late 2013.


Currently, Banyan Hill has more than 400,000 readers who read the site every day. The renowned company publishes autonomous investment advice. The site has several experts from all over the world who assist the readers in recognizing successful opportunities of investments. Some of these investments include; options plays American companies that have been undervalued, natural resources and commodities, investments that generate income, stocks of mid-cap and small-cap nature, among many others. Follow Ted Bauman at Talk Markets


In 1998, The Sovereign Society was started, however, in 2016 it was re-launched and it was given its current name. The company strives to ensure that ordinary American citizens obtain financial freedom. Moreover, it ensures that it gives them expert advice that will grow their wealth by making sound financial decisions. Subsequently, they will be free from worrying about financial matters.



In 2013, the seasoned financial advisor was a writer and a researcher. Prior to this, he was the Smart Money Alert editor. Before this, he worked at Habitat for Humanity International in the International Housing Programs department as a Director. Ted Bauman has traveled extensively during his professional career. The finance expert has worked as a writer and researcher for various reputable establishments which include the government of South Africa, agencies that deal with giving grants and the UN.


Apart from Banyan Hill Publishing, He has managed to be published in various other publications. These include various global journals like the Cape Times, the Guardian, Journal of Micro-finance, Cape Argus, New Internationalist among many others. He has also partnered with a fellow writer to pen a book.


Although Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC, currently, he resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Bauman attained his Economics and History postgraduate degrees from the University of Cape Town after he moved there when he was still young. Nevertheless, he got to reside in South Africa for 25 years and he worked in the African country under various capacities. In addition to this, he assisted in starting an international company called Slum Dwellers. This establishment has assisted people in over 30 countries in building low-cost houses.


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Using the Dr. Dov Rand Formula to Reduce Aging

Founder of the Anti-Aging Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand, has found the fountain of youth within his West Organge, NJ practice. His residency training acquired from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York can be accredited for the healthy aging treatment approach and the lifestyle that Dr. Dov Rand passionately lives by.


Some medical practitioners would encourage to eat a well balance diet and incorporate cardiovascular exercise as a regular healthy lifestyle regime. In reality, Dr Dov Rand goes a step further by restoring your youthful hormonal level concentration. Similar to rings from a cut tree tells the age of the tree, hormone concentration of testosterone, estrogen and other regulated hormones aid with informing the physician the age of their patient. In doing so, Dr. Dov Rand’s clinical knowledge in the aging process helped him develop a special regime that shifts the hormones back to youthful vitality.


Dr. Dov Rand is able to rejuvenate the body by using bioidentical hormones that are unique to your individual biochemistry. Biodentical hormones are compounds uniquely produced by you and synthesized under the care of Dr. Dov Rand along with his team of medical peer reviewers. This crafted treatment has helped patients reset their metabolism. Dr. Dov Rand also provides a dietary plan according to your bodily needs. Accompanied with healthy behavioral lifestyle changes the aches and pains that come with aging are significantly removed.


Dr. Dov Rand’s ability to identify chronic illness have enabled him to implement therapies that address age related conditions including erectile dysfunction, depression, hot flashes and fatigue.


The advantage to Dr. Dov Rand‘s rehabilitative medicinal strategy is the patient specific bioidentical hormone treatment. This is contrary to synthethic hormones which are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies and are manufactured in a generic form for customers. The commercialized hormone, over time, inflict side effects on the natural chemistry of the human body. Dr. Dov Rand’s therapeutic strategy prevents bodily degeneration while simultaneously fueling the immune system to fight against acute illnesses that contribute to chronic to severe illnesses.


Justin Brill, Editor, and Analyst at Stansberry Research, Discusses U.S. Tariff Repercussions.

When U.S. President Donald Trump announced tariff on imported aluminum and steel, Justin Brill, the editor of the Stansberry Research Stansberry Digest, met the news with dismay. After researching U.S. manufacturing output and using data obtained from American Iron and Steel Institute and the Aluminum Association, Stansberry Digest’s Justin Brill discovered that these industries contribute less than 0.1 percent of the current labor market. Because of increased automation technology and the outsourcing of many manufacturing components, the U.S. no longer has the steel domination it had in the years immediately following WWII. The U.S. manufacturing segment would struggle to meet an increased demand and reestablishing a U.S. manufacturing presence would take years.


The backlash the United States would face because of these tariffs would be expensive Justin Brill points out. Using the economic analysis done by Stansberry Research, tariffs would increase the cost of goods within the U.S. Another factor, U.S. national debt and the current fiscal policies spurring a large deficit, new bonds will need to be issued and investors of Treasury Bonds will need to be sought. Debt-holders will want assurances of free trade and as China already owns a large amount of U.S. Treasury debt, tariffs will create international friction.


With the analytics available to Stansberry Research, Justin Brill has been able to look at the probable outcome of these proposed tariffs and feels that why they may benefit a small sector of the workforce, the price increases will outweigh any overall benefit. The tariffs would accomplish no more than raising costs while discouraging international trade and slowing the economy.


Along with his tariff analysis, Justin Brill publishes many other economically relevant articles through Stansberry Digest, a free publication to Stansberry Research subscribers. Containing information and top-notch analysis, the financial information Stansberry Research provides its subscribers is detailed and applicable to the current market conditions.

Reduced Aging Conditions with Jeunesse Global

Instantly Ageless

As the name suggests, instantly ageless works by reducing aging conditions immediately. For this reason, many individuals prefer this product compared to the use of chemicals or injections. A human body is bound to age. The repeated muscle contractions and movements cause aging. Unfortunately, the first body part to show signs of aging is the skin. Your facial appearance speaks more about your age. Everyone wants to retain a youthful face.

Aging signs in your face include the appearance of fine lines, facial wrinkles, under the eye bags, dark circles, and Bugs. Thus, Jeunesse came up with instantly ageless to reduce these aging symptoms rapidly. With this product, you are promised results within few minutes. Once you apply the instantly ageless cream on your face, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines reduce immediately. However, the product does not guarantee permanent results. They are created to last for eight to nine hours. This is much better compared to the use of injections and chemicals which may have a negative impact on your health.

Instantly ageless was initiated to be used whenever you need to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. It has a tightening effect on the skin which makes the surface to sooth and causes skin muscle relaxation. As a result, skin pores appear smaller, and dark circles reduce and enhance youthfulness effects.

How Instantly Ageless Works

Instantly ageless involves simple application without the use of harsh chemicals or injections. You apply it just like the ordinary jelly. After you have applied the cream on your face, it softens your skin and relaxes your skin muscles. As a result, it reduces the aging effects. Thus, you can retain your youthful appearance in minutes.

Benefits of Instantly Ageless

Instantly ageless guarantees you the results you want within two minutes. Once you apply it, expect to regain your youthful appearance immediately. Moreover, it involves easy application and isn’t painful like the harsh chemicals and injections.

About Jeunesse Global Products

Jeunesse Global has received several awards and recognition due to the useful products they continue to produce. The mission of the firm is to keep delivering reliable products that provide promising results to the world.


Dr. Jorge Moll: The Scientists Shedding Light On The Primate Workings Of The Brain

Dr. Jorge Moll stands as a neuroscientist who has made a number of remarkable advancements within the scientific field with regards to what he does. While working at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Jorge Moll was responsible for raising a number of questions about human morality and the psychological workings of the brain. This study was something that Dr. Moll wanted to be able to carry out for an incredibly long period, and was something which led him to be known as the well-reputed neuroscientist that he is today.


The study was first released in 2006 and soon started creating waves in the neuroscience community. Dr. Moll decided to carry out this study with Jordan Grafman, who is also a well-accomplished name in the field of neuroscience. Together, the two scientists were able to scan and analyze the brains of the people who participated in the study to come out with substantial results about what affects altruistic emotions in humans. During the investigation, participants were asked a number of questions and given a number of scenarios, most of which involved some form of charity or some kind of philanthropic venture. During this time, the participants were hooked up to scanners that were able to provide the researchers with images as they made these decisions and the activity that went on in their brains during that time.(mrkbr)


As per the results of this study, Dr. Moll was able to shed light on something that researchers hadn’t divulged into before. In this study, it showed that whenever a person stated or thought about engaging in charitable work, one particular part of the brain was always highlighted. This was the part that controls most of the primitive actions that take place in a human, and shed light on just how deep into our psyche the act of helping others goes.


About Dr. Jorge Moll


Dr. Moll has played an important role in shedding light on the intricate workings of the brain through the numerous studies that he has conducted through the course of his career. Dr. Moll currently stands as the President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Brazil.


A Breath of Fresh Air: Perry Mandera

In the Marine Reserves Perry Mandera was responsible for transporting troops and supplies to various locations; this is where his transportation experience began. After his time serving in the Marines, at the young age of 23, Mandera opened a transportation business, selling it a short five years later. In 1986, Mandera opened Custom Companies, Inc. The company was the first in the industry to offer a number of transportation services under one roof.


The clients of Custom Companies include both small businesses and large, Fortune 100 organizations. To ensure each of his several thousand clients receive top notch customer service, Perry Mandera employs over 350 people at the Illinois location of Custom Companies. Holding the gold standard in the industry has certainly paid off as their revenues surpass $200 million per year.


As the founder and President of the company, Mandera is highly involved in the daily operations. This gives him the opportunity to ensure customer service is at the forefront. The company provides serves 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. To enhance the high-quality customer service, Mandera uses the latest technologies to ensure accuracy in pricing, billing, tracking, and tracing.


Even though Perry Mandera is busy day in and day out, his work and accomplishments in philanthropy work are what really set him apart. He supports a number of charities at the local and national level. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he sent over 40 truckloads of food and supplies to those areas hit the hardest. Mandera even created the Custom Cares Charities, a non-profit organization with the focus of helping children in need. During the holiday season, Custom Care Charities donated over ten thousand dollars to families in need. The charity has also sponsored over 100 youth sports teams; and offers financial support to youth and young adults who are underprivileged or have suffered from abuse.


So often today, it seems that businesses worry about one thing, themselves. It is a breath of fresh air to know that business and people, like Perry Mandera, exist who place just as much emphasis on giving back as they do on their business.

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Glen Wakeman walking with entrepreneurs towards self-reliance.

Glen Wakeman of Launchpad Holdings, LLC believes in the mantra that ideas need to be turned into plans to avoid failure in the future. His scope is mainly in businesses that are starting up. Usually most budding entrepreneurs often have no idea where to start, how to avoid or tackle unforeseen problems and how to target and improve the performance of the business. He mentors the clients one on one and his highly experienced in top shelf start-ups not to mention those in the online retail sector.


In the early stages of entrepreneurship, Mr. Glen Wakeman reveals that he mostly comes across the following scenarios. The first one is when some of the client’s ideas are not well articulated and in such a case, Launchpad does what it does best and that is it offers more advice on the need to lower risks. While in the second scenario, some of the entrepreneurs with the excitement of startup may mistakenly overstrain themselves with responsibilities. In both cases, the firm analyzes the situation and important responsibilities are sorted out. Thirdly is the group that may feel no need of making any changes even after seeking third-party opinion on the business they are to undertake.


The mentor-ship offered is of the essence to the clients as it helps clear the path for the picking of the best business sector to venture into. A good example in which Glen’s firm help turn things around for its clients is with Uber. The client was for the idea of services as provided by the online taxi, Uber but was mentored accordingly hence helping the entrepreneur come up with one of the most successful businesses in the world today.


Glen Wakeman At a Glance


He is the brain behind Launchpad Holdings with an extensive background as a mentor, investor, and inventor. He has been in the business world for quite a long time now a factor that has equipped him with a vast experience and prowess to lead his company which now has close to twenty thousand employees and boasts $15 billion worth of assets.

IC Systems Thinks Giving Back is Critical

IC Systems holds the gold standard in the accounts receivable industry. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. The goal IC Systems, since its creation, has been to provide honest and ethical service to clients.


The company prides itself on leading the industry with innovation. For example, IC Systems was the first accounts receivable company to replace typewriters with computers. They continue to upgrade their systems to ensure the latest technologies are being used to offer the most secure collections.


Compliance is a top priority for IC Systems. In order to guarantee compliance, they have an extensive Compliance Riske Management System. This system offers auditing, documentation, and training. The process beings with auditing. First, they conduct an audit to ensure that the policies that are required actually exist; then, second, those policies are documented; and third, the staff members are trained. Naturally, another top priority for IC Systems, is security. The company is audited by FRSecure, which is a company that makes sure that the company is offering true data compliance.


The culture of IC Systems is one of treating people well and giving back. That is one reason they created the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). The organization consists of employees who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community. The committee holds the important responsibility of deciding which charities will be donated to in the form of time, money, resources, and/or service. In 2016, ECHO raised over $32,000 for a number of different charities, as well as donated over 500 hours to various community event. Some of the charities they commonly help are Relay for Life, ARMing Heroes, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and, among many others, the American Cancer Society.


In addition to the Employee Charitable Help Organization within IC Systems, they also are involved with other philanthropic endeavors. For example, the company holds a number of blood drives throughout the year. In 2016, employees of IC Systems donated enough blood to save roughly 150 lives; an astounding number to be proud of.

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The transformation of Paragon Biosciences company under Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin enjoys a two-decade experience in the healthcare industry, especially in the biotechnology industry. He has been committed to revolutionizing the medical industry through research work. Jeff strongly believes that every patient deserves a much better and longer life. He has for a long time dedicated his life and research to helping patient struggling with ailments that have few treatment options and those that do not have a cure at all. He is currently the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a firm dedicated to making lives better for patients through developing innovative medical companies that an create new medication and pioneer treatments.

The journey has not been easy. However under Jeff as its CEO the company has managed to receive 13 new medication approvals from the FDA. The record is outstanding comparing it to other big pharmaceutical companies. The company’s business model is built on studying patient needs, continued science research breakthroughs and its mission to make life better for patients. On these pillars, Paragon has remained strong financially to initiate more research works. Through his leadership, Jeff has been able to mobilize a team of brilliant researchers who are devoted to finding answers for various ailments.

Paragon Biosciences is working to grow its network through establishing new portfolios. All companies will structure themselves to focusing on the patients’ needs and doing intensive medical research. Some of the companies include Harmony Biosciences, located in Pennsylvania. It is currently working on ailments such as cataplexy, narcolepsy and other nervous system complications. Recently the Harmony received a “Deal of Year” award for its outstanding effort to create sleep disorder medication. Secondly is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey. The firm is working on rare skin disorders. Other firms under Paragon umbrella are Precision BP and Decade Pharmaceuticals located in California and Illinois respectively. Precision BP is majoring in research on medications for oncology disorders while Decade is working to come up with solutions for Alzheimer’s disease and other central nervous system conditions. Jeff Aronin is confident that through these portfolios they will achieve medical advancement that could benefit thousands of patients.