Lawrence Bender’s movie, ‘Reservoir Dog’

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer located in the United States of America. So far Lawrence has been in the entertainment industry for two decades. Lawrence Bender has been involved in the production of movies, Django, Inglorious Bastards, and Good Willing Hunting among others. The exemplary movie producer has had a very successive career. To date, he has scooped several awards like Oscars. Moreover, he has been nominated severally for other prizes. The movie producer was born in Bronx, New York. Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. His mother was a kindergarten tutor while his father was a college professor.

With his experience in the industry, Lawrence Bender was the man behind the production of the movie named ‘Reservoir Dog.’ The movie involves six criminals. Funny enough, the thieves are total strangers to each other. The six thieves are hired for a crime job by one crime kingpin known as Joe Cabot. They are instructed to go carry out a diamond robbery. At the outset, they are given fake identities. This is done intentionally to ensure that it won’t happen that they will get close to each other. Instead, they will focus on the assigned mission. Back in their minds, they anticipated that the task would be successful.

Suddenly, the police show up at the site where the robbery was to take place. Panic fills their bodies, and two of them are fatally shot in the subsequent shootout. Also, two or more policemen are shot including some civilians who happened to pass by during the shooting.

The remaining thieves assemble at one disclosed warehouse. They begin to throw words at each other. They later suspect that one amongst them is an undercover policeman. But who could be the spy? The movie starts immediately before the robbery takes place. We are given flashbacks of the plot right before the execution of the crime. Also, viewers are introduced to the characters in flashback mode. The movie involves plenty of blood, gore and fast action. It’s a type of movie that will elevate your adrenaline and keep you guessing. The tremendous action will additionally leave you entertained.