A Breath of Fresh Air: Perry Mandera

In the Marine Reserves Perry Mandera was responsible for transporting troops and supplies to various locations; this is where his transportation experience began. After his time serving in the Marines, at the young age of 23, Mandera opened a transportation business, selling it a short five years later. In 1986, Mandera opened Custom Companies, Inc. The company was the first in the industry to offer a number of transportation services under one roof.


The clients of Custom Companies include both small businesses and large, Fortune 100 organizations. To ensure each of his several thousand clients receive top notch customer service, Perry Mandera employs over 350 people at the Illinois location of Custom Companies. Holding the gold standard in the industry has certainly paid off as their revenues surpass $200 million per year.


As the founder and President of the company, Mandera is highly involved in the daily operations. This gives him the opportunity to ensure customer service is at the forefront. The company provides serves 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. To enhance the high-quality customer service, Mandera uses the latest technologies to ensure accuracy in pricing, billing, tracking, and tracing.


Even though Perry Mandera is busy day in and day out, his work and accomplishments in philanthropy work are what really set him apart. He supports a number of charities at the local and national level. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he sent over 40 truckloads of food and supplies to those areas hit the hardest. Mandera even created the Custom Cares Charities, a non-profit organization with the focus of helping children in need. During the holiday season, Custom Care Charities donated over ten thousand dollars to families in need. The charity has also sponsored over 100 youth sports teams; and offers financial support to youth and young adults who are underprivileged or have suffered from abuse.


So often today, it seems that businesses worry about one thing, themselves. It is a breath of fresh air to know that business and people, like Perry Mandera, exist who place just as much emphasis on giving back as they do on their business.

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Glen Wakeman walking with entrepreneurs towards self-reliance.

Glen Wakeman of Launchpad Holdings, LLC believes in the mantra that ideas need to be turned into plans to avoid failure in the future. His scope is mainly in businesses that are starting up. Usually most budding entrepreneurs often have no idea where to start, how to avoid or tackle unforeseen problems and how to target and improve the performance of the business. He mentors the clients one on one and his highly experienced in top shelf start-ups not to mention those in the online retail sector.


In the early stages of entrepreneurship, Mr. Glen Wakeman reveals that he mostly comes across the following scenarios. The first one is when some of the client’s ideas are not well articulated and in such a case, Launchpad does what it does best and that is it offers more advice on the need to lower risks. While in the second scenario, some of the entrepreneurs with the excitement of startup may mistakenly overstrain themselves with responsibilities. In both cases, the firm analyzes the situation and important responsibilities are sorted out. Thirdly is the group that may feel no need of making any changes even after seeking third-party opinion on the business they are to undertake.


The mentor-ship offered is of the essence to the clients as it helps clear the path for the picking of the best business sector to venture into. A good example in which Glen’s firm help turn things around for its clients is with Uber. The client was for the idea of services as provided by the online taxi, Uber but was mentored accordingly hence helping the entrepreneur come up with one of the most successful businesses in the world today.


Glen Wakeman At a Glance


He is the brain behind Launchpad Holdings with an extensive background as a mentor, investor, and inventor. He has been in the business world for quite a long time now a factor that has equipped him with a vast experience and prowess to lead his company which now has close to twenty thousand employees and boasts $15 billion worth of assets.

IC Systems Thinks Giving Back is Critical

IC Systems holds the gold standard in the accounts receivable industry. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. The goal IC Systems, since its creation, has been to provide honest and ethical service to clients.


The company prides itself on leading the industry with innovation. For example, IC Systems was the first accounts receivable company to replace typewriters with computers. They continue to upgrade their systems to ensure the latest technologies are being used to offer the most secure collections.


Compliance is a top priority for IC Systems. In order to guarantee compliance, they have an extensive Compliance Riske Management System. This system offers auditing, documentation, and training. The process beings with auditing. First, they conduct an audit to ensure that the policies that are required actually exist; then, second, those policies are documented; and third, the staff members are trained. Naturally, another top priority for IC Systems, is security. The company is audited by FRSecure, which is a company that makes sure that the company is offering true data compliance.


The culture of IC Systems is one of treating people well and giving back. That is one reason they created the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). The organization consists of employees who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community. The committee holds the important responsibility of deciding which charities will be donated to in the form of time, money, resources, and/or service. In 2016, ECHO raised over $32,000 for a number of different charities, as well as donated over 500 hours to various community event. Some of the charities they commonly help are Relay for Life, ARMing Heroes, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and, among many others, the American Cancer Society.


In addition to the Employee Charitable Help Organization within IC Systems, they also are involved with other philanthropic endeavors. For example, the company holds a number of blood drives throughout the year. In 2016, employees of IC Systems donated enough blood to save roughly 150 lives; an astounding number to be proud of.

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Stream Energy: Stream Cares Organization

Stream Energy is a company that hires contractors to build long lasting and trusting relationships with clients. Independent contractors earn commission on every sale they make. Some of the products that Stream Energy offers are mobile phone plans, telemedicine, and fixed-rate energy. The company is known for its reputation in philanthropy. Giving back to the less fortunate is one of the primary goals of Stream. They created Stream Cares, which is an organization that partners with the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army to extend their reach to the world. The company has increased the generosity rating for the state of Texas as well. One great example of this partnership is the tornado touchdown in 2016. A number of tornadoes hit North Texas on the day after Christmas. Stream Energy didn’t waste any time jumping into action with the Salvation Army to raise money to aid in the recovery of the community. Thousands of dollars were raised by the Salvation Army during this time. Stream doubled the donations by matching the funds. They also participate in the annual Splash for Hope event. Stream Energy partners with Hope Supply Co. to give children an unforgettable all day, all-expense paid visit to the local water park. Hope Supply Co. gives homeless families diapers, school supplies, and clothing to ensure that they are able to live clean and safe despite their current circumstances. Stream covers admission and meal costs for more than 1000 children. It gives many children a first-time experience of a lifetime at the waterpark. Homelessness is the primary cause for Streams philanthropic efforts. They routinely monitor homelessness in Texas and use it as fuel to give more to those in need. For instance, recently homelessness has increased by 24 percent. When this happens, Stream utilizes its partnerships to ensure that everyone has everything that they need to live safe and healthy lives. Overall, Stream Energy is a great company and is making a global difference in generosity. Passionate associates collaborated with kindness on the corporate level, and a commitment to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate is why Stream is the successful company it is today.