Copa Star – Providing Highly Advanced Medical Facilities In The Heart Of Rio de Janeiro

Copa Star is the name synonymous with a world class healthcare facility and hospitality all in one. The hospital has a beautiful, luxurious and sophisticated architecture, and is at the same time equipped with the best technology, equipment, and tools available in the healthcare industry. It is the combination that delivers reliable, accurate and organized treatment and diagnosis for the patients, who come to get treated at Copa Star. The hospital is built around the massive area of 20 thousands square meters and has over 550 staff members, ensuring that the patients are taken care of professionally yet in a personalized manner with compassion.

Copa Star is one of the most famous hospitals in not only Rio De Janeiro but all over the country. It gets patients from across the country due to its five-star facilities backed by an internationally acclaimed team of 113 physicians and nursing staff. The hospital’s infrastructure is one of the most advanced ones would come across for a medical facility, and the best part is that it is not only technologically advanced but luxuriously and tastefully designed as well. It makes the stay of the patients in the facility a very friendly, soothing and peaceful experience. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The hospital boasts of separate corridors for staff and the patients and their families. In this way, the patients are not disturbed at all during their stay in the hospital. Moreover, each and every room is equipped with not only latest medical technology that aims to provide comprehensive care of the patients safely but also tablets. It helps the patients to communicate with the nursing staff anytime they want and make the stay at Copa Star a highly interactive one. Physicians from all the medical discipline can be consulted at Copa Star, and the reception or the hospital’s helpline number can provide the details about it quickly and efficiently.

Copa Star was built with the total investment of close to $500 million, in which the $400 million went into the construction of the hospital and designing its interiors, and remaining $100 million went into equipping the hospital with medical equipment, tools, and technology. The city of Rio De Janeiro is now on the world map for the towns having some of the most advanced hospitals. Moreover, Copa Star also has hybrid rooms that allow conducting even the highly complex surgeries with ease, ensuring minimally invasive procedures. It makes a recovery faster and provides lesser pain for the patients.

Some of the best hospitals in the world have hybrid rooms, and now thanks to Copa Star, patients in need in Rio as well as the rest of Brazil can now avail such facilities when required. Copa Star adheres to strict safety guidelines and follows the set standards in the healthcare and medical industry. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.