Alex Pall Enjoys Talking About His Fantastic Duo, The Chainsmokers

When two disc jockeys meet, there is usually conversation about musical beats, and the top songs of the times. Most are adamant about their chosen profession, and work hard at improving their skills. DJs like Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart gave a whole new meaning to the term casual meeting. Being an avid electronic disc jockey who was content being behind a booth, Alex Pall ventured into a career that he was not anticipating. He became a singer and performer who did quite well in his attempt. When his manager suggested he meet Andreq Taggart, the two felt an instant attraction, and began making music together as that dynamic duo, The Chainsmoketrs, a top New York brand.

The two agreed that their meeting was instant stardom. They had an instant coming of the minds, and started promoting their singing career. Both had a long term interest in being disc jockeys, but soon realized that singing was their forte. In one of their many interviews, Alex Pall expressed that they were anxious to work with each other, and would get together every day from 9 AM to 7 PM trying to shape their own identity. As DJs, they knew what worked, and what didn’t work. The duo writes their own songs, some with writers, but they are all about the lives of the duo. What is amazing to some fans is that they actually sing on their own songs.

Alex also revealed that their number one favorite artist for them to work with was Halsey, who performed on their latest release, Closer. The Chainsmokers have a fan base that is international, and mostly appealing to the under twenty five age group in equal numbers of males and females. They are social media consumers who keep up with what is going on with their music, according to their fans. As their fans and audiences expand, they keep changing their shows to make them bigger. They keep the excitement flowing, and pushing themselves to be better. During their shows, they are taking the short acts and production just a little further for their audience.