Dr. Jorge Moll: The Scientists Shedding Light On The Primate Workings Of The Brain

Dr. Jorge Moll stands as a neuroscientist who has made a number of remarkable advancements within the scientific field with regards to what he does. While working at the National Institute of Health, Dr. Jorge Moll was responsible for raising a number of questions about human morality and the psychological workings of the brain. This study was something that Dr. Moll wanted to be able to carry out for an incredibly long period, and was something which led him to be known as the well-reputed neuroscientist that he is today.


The study was first released in 2006 and soon started creating waves in the neuroscience community. Dr. Moll decided to carry out this study with Jordan Grafman, who is also a well-accomplished name in the field of neuroscience. Together, the two scientists were able to scan and analyze the brains of the people who participated in the study to come out with substantial results about what affects altruistic emotions in humans. During the investigation, participants were asked a number of questions and given a number of scenarios, most of which involved some form of charity or some kind of philanthropic venture. During this time, the participants were hooked up to scanners that were able to provide the researchers with images as they made these decisions and the activity that went on in their brains during that time.(mrkbr)


As per the results of this study, Dr. Moll was able to shed light on something that researchers hadn’t divulged into before. In this study, it showed that whenever a person stated or thought about engaging in charitable work, one particular part of the brain was always highlighted. This was the part that controls most of the primitive actions that take place in a human, and shed light on just how deep into our psyche the act of helping others goes.


About Dr. Jorge Moll


Dr. Moll has played an important role in shedding light on the intricate workings of the brain through the numerous studies that he has conducted through the course of his career. Dr. Moll currently stands as the President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Brazil.