The transformation of Paragon Biosciences company under Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin enjoys a two-decade experience in the healthcare industry, especially in the biotechnology industry. He has been committed to revolutionizing the medical industry through research work. Jeff strongly believes that every patient deserves a much better and longer life. He has for a long time dedicated his life and research to helping patient struggling with ailments that have few treatment options and those that do not have a cure at all. He is currently the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a firm dedicated to making lives better for patients through developing innovative medical companies that an create new medication and pioneer treatments.

The journey has not been easy. However under Jeff as its CEO the company has managed to receive 13 new medication approvals from the FDA. The record is outstanding comparing it to other big pharmaceutical companies. The company’s business model is built on studying patient needs, continued science research breakthroughs and its mission to make life better for patients. On these pillars, Paragon has remained strong financially to initiate more research works. Through his leadership, Jeff has been able to mobilize a team of brilliant researchers who are devoted to finding answers for various ailments.

Paragon Biosciences is working to grow its network through establishing new portfolios. All companies will structure themselves to focusing on the patients’ needs and doing intensive medical research. Some of the companies include Harmony Biosciences, located in Pennsylvania. It is currently working on ailments such as cataplexy, narcolepsy and other nervous system complications. Recently the Harmony received a “Deal of Year” award for its outstanding effort to create sleep disorder medication. Secondly is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey. The firm is working on rare skin disorders. Other firms under Paragon umbrella are Precision BP and Decade Pharmaceuticals located in California and Illinois respectively. Precision BP is majoring in research on medications for oncology disorders while Decade is working to come up with solutions for Alzheimer’s disease and other central nervous system conditions. Jeff Aronin is confident that through these portfolios they will achieve medical advancement that could benefit thousands of patients.