Daniel is an Israeli diplomat and a former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom

If there is an Israeli diplomat who has ever been committed to helping his county, then it is Daniel Taub. Daniel is an Israeli diplomat and a former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. Taub served between 2011 and 2015. His commitment to work is what impressed his country and the Jewish community.

Before he became an ambassador, he had already served the country in a number of positions. He was working with the ministry of foreign affairs of the Israeli government. His passion for work while serving in the ministry is what led to his appointment as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub had served his country with dedication also in the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. He had made sure that there was an agreement although even after accomplishing this mission, tables turned when Palestine withdrew from the peace agreement.

Daniel Taub is passionate about helping his country. He is concerned that his people have been misunderstood for a long time and blamed for the conflicts that happen in the Middle East. He sought to set the record straight while serving in London as the ambassador of Israel. He used the British media to push for a better understanding of the cause of conflicts in the Middle East and how the international community should approach the matter.

Daniel Taub is a diplomat and an international lawyer. So, he understands what is needed to arrive at peace in the region. After all, he is one person who has extensively been involved in the peace negotiations. He knows the matter better than anyone else. So, when he says that there is more to the conflicts than what the international community does, he has a point. Daniel Taub says that Israel is committed to the stability of the region, but the other players in the peace deals should also show the same commitment.

Daniel Taub as a diplomat ensured that his country only enjoyed the best from its partnership with the United Kingdom. There was so much to gain from the international relationship with the U.K as it would be later demonstrated at the end of his term.

Daniel Taub who left office in 2015 managed to get the trade deals between the United Kingdom and Israel to over $7 billion annually. The improvement was double what happened before he joined office was. Daniel Taub was proud that he had managed to bring a positive impact in his country by facilitating better trade between Israel and the United Kingdom.

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