Dr. Saad Saad comes up with invention that will change the healthcare sector

During the career path of Dr. Saad Saad, he was involved in many pediatric surgery operations that were contributed to his success as an accomplished pediatric surgeon. As he was engaged in the healthcare practices, the thing that he always wanted was coming up with ways that would improve the procedure or methods that existed. Dr. Saad went on even to challenge status quo if they would come up with ideas that would reduce the risk patients had to go through or lessen the pain that patients faced when they were sick. With that, Dr. Saad decided that it was time for him to make some changes and he came up with the two inventions that would help the procedures.

For the 40 years that he has performed his duties, he worked on complex pediatric surgeries for individuals that were in the community and outside. In united states, he offered his services to the community at the same time assisting the children in Holyland. The invention that Dr. Saad came up with was to help the doctors not to use the machine on the body of the patients to locate catheter. That’s means that they will not be any need to use the X-rays or MRI scans. The device that Dr. Saad invented is small, practical and portable that it can be used during an emergency when there is no time to carry out the body scan to locate the catheter. Unfortunately, the invention is not yet implemented in many areas.

The second invention that Dr. Saad came up with is improving how the endoscope was being used. The use of an endoscope is looking inside a patient when preparing surgery. Dr. Saad invention was the endoscope would be able to suck any fluid that might be hindering the view. It can be helpful in removing anything unnecessary away from the body. The newly involved endoscope is being used by many doctors today which have been a success.

The reason why Dr. Saad Saad came up with the two inventions was so that to assist the doctors to become good in their role. With the inventions, the doctors cannot use the complicated ways to perform the task which will reduce the time taken during surgery, and it will be safer. Technology has been so helpful in the medical industry and its changing regularly. That is ensuring that the lives of the patients are safe and for doctors, they have an easy time now. Dr. Saad did more in the medical industry than perform his duties but he used his personal experience to do more, and that is coming up with the innovative devices. The devices would be used in changing the healthcare industry. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/