End Citizens United Pushes Forward Their Agenda For Finance Reform

Campaign finance reform is the issue of the hour for End Citizens United, and there are many people who will not learn about reform of the campaign finance laws until they run into End Citizens United, and this article explains how the PAC is using its influence online to help educate the public. There is quite a lot for the public to learn, and everyone who wishes to learn may look over their social media feed today.


#1: They Are Raising Money


End Citizens United is fundraising to ensure that they may grow their membership, and they wish to have more money to help push forward their agenda. They wish to raise their money fairly, and they will use it to ensure that they may reach the public properly. They will continue to raise money as much as possible, and they will search for a number of ways to share their fundraising goals with the public.


#2: They Have a Strong Social Media Presence


The social media presence of End Citizens United is quite robust, and it is used to release new information about campaign finance reform every day. They share stories about many places where money is corrupting Washington, and they often call out the politicians who are playing with the most cash. They will push to ensure that they are not unheard, and they will teach the public one follower at a time.


#3; What Must change?


The laws on campaign finance must change if there is to be a change in how people campaign for office. The federal laws on the books must be altered to help the public have free and fair elections, and the goal of End Citizens United is to change the laws that are now running. They will continue to look for politicians who are willing to sponsor bills of this type, and they will continue to create pressure on other lawmakers who must vote on these rules.


The End Citizens United goal is to ensure that Citizens United ends at the same time that campaign finance law has changed. They are willing to use their considerable might and fundraising for this singular purpose, and they will continue to ask lawmakers to make a change for the good of the country. Each year will bring the country closer to a new battery of laws that will govern how someone may raise money to run for public office.


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