EOS Lip Balm Creators Entered The Market At The Right Time

What Is EOS Lip Balm

The popular colorful orbs that are responsible for spreading moisture to lips all over the world for the past ten years represents how far we have come in the line of beauty. As an important step in anyone’s beauty regiment, no matter the level of commitment to cosmetics is to apply moisture to the lips. EOS lip balm has used tons of research and brilliant marketing strategies to launch an amazing lip balm that has been growing across the globe since it hit the market in 2007. It took the brand no time at all to surpass traditional household brands such as Chapstick and Blistex.

There Was Room For One More

EOS Products’ co-founders Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra says they used careful planning and had high expectations when they created the product. They planned for the brand to grow and be global, yet manageable. Before the pair launched their product they took some time to figure out what consumers needed, wanted, but wasn’t anywhere to be found in the market. They found that all lip balm products at the time were created equally, for both men and women.

Even though women made up 80 percent of the purchases of lip balm there was nothing made specially for them. The co-founders felt that this was a lazy move by the market competitors and decided to seize the opportunity. The brand created universal appeal by engaging in tons of preliminary research. They held focus groups, spoke to real women, and started creating what their findings showed them could be a lip balm that would be loved and appreciated by many. At first the findings showed that women all over had the same couple of complaints about the lip balm on the market.