• June 16, 2021

Eterneva  eternalizing loved ones through Diamonds

Eterneva is a grief and wellness consumer Technology company that honors people and pets’ lives. They make memories live again by turning ashes and hair into memorial diamonds. Co-founder Adelle Archer was inspired by her friend who died of cancer but had made remarkable success before she died. Eterneva is there to celebrate and honor those that have passed without their memories fading away. To start the stage with the company, you order the welcome kit. It includes a video, instructions, return postage, and the needed tools to send to them for your loved ones. Then they’ll walk you through the other procedures. The special remembrance of the person behind the diamond customers has experienced a level of thoughtfulness and calmness. A diamond is used as a symbol earned by the person who passed on. See more details click here

The cremation diamond company founded in 2016 and based in Austin has increased to accommodate its consumer base. The organization has patterned with Phaneuf Funeral Home Crematorium to bring a new space in the griefing environment. the partnership aims to achieve a personalized grief journey and a memorial option for the bereaved customers. Considering the pandemic situation, they also want to honor the departed souls and provide the best choice for the grieving processes. The process also aims to uplift these families and serve them with justice.

Apart from offering platitudes, the company is also driven by a team of employees with the same vision. Eterneva has positive remarks from its clients who appreciate them for their excellent work. In addition, research from Baylor University has shown that those diamonds have greatly helped the bereaved in the grief process. The diamonds offer continued memories through mobility since they are portable and serve as a positive reminder of their loved ones.

The company has brought Kranenburg on board to change the culture and accelerate growth in the manufacturing engineering systems. The partnerships seek to incorporate the consumers be part of the diamond creation process.

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