Facility Personnel Comment on Securus Technologies Inmate Communication System

Securus Technologies uses cutting edge technology to connect incarcerated individuals to their family and friends. The company prides itself on exceptional communication services. While the company is a high tech organization, they are also focused on helping to maintain strong relationships for those incarcerated through different calling options and video visits that are easy to use. These options overcome the limitations distance or scheduling issues can place on visitation possibilities for the family and friends of inmates. Phone and video options can be accessed from wherever Apple® or Android® smartphones, tablets or PCs can be used.


By all reports, the program has become popular in facilities across North America. On Oct. 21, 2016, the company released a sample of comments made by facility customers. These comments discussed utilizing technology to solve and prevent criminal activities. This included crimes perpetrated by one inmate against another. Some of the comments published include:


  • “The reporting data has enhanced our agency’s proactive measures in monitoring and deterring the incidence of contraband in our facilities.”
  • “Investigative tools allow for staff to conduct investigations when there is a complaint of harassment or a potential threat to the security of the facility or the community.”
  • “We were in the middle of an investigation when I called you about the covert alert feature and with your help, we were able to utilize this feature and take the suspect into custody.”



Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1.2 million incarcerated men and women in North America. Additional comments and information about the technology and how it is being received can be found here.