• July 14, 2021

Georgette Mulheir and Haiti´s Crossroads

The political crisis in Haiti has been escalating for over a decade now. The problem has escalated during the past few months. Haiti has faced increased human rights violations. In an interview, Georgette Mulheir, founder of Defend Haiti Democracy, a human rights organization, sensitizes that Haiti needs peace and democracy restoration. The political crisis in Haiti has been a result of Moise’s administration. Earlier this year, Moise’s term, the president of Haiti, was to end. However, to date, he remains in office and rules as a de facto president. Also, Georgette Mulheir points out, back in 2019, the country’s parliament was supposed to have been dissolved and local elections held. 


However, this was never done, and Haiti has no functioning government currently. Haiti has now moved back to dictatorship, considering it has no functioning parliament with a president who is ruling by decree. Haiti’s president has tightened his ruling grip by surrounding himself with those loyal to his dictatorial ruling. Global leaders and activists such as Georgette Mulheir are aware of this. The president has formed a secret police force and is in alliance with different gangs in Haiti. The purpose of such formations is to quiet those who try to rise and protest against his administration. 


There have been reports of kidnappings and murder throughout Haiti to instill fear in the people of Haiti. The president is still in power and wants to extend his term by amending the constitution against Haiti’s law. He has managed to stay in power all this while major international bodies, including the UN and US government, seem to be backing his administration (Healthtechzone). 

Not many people have come out to call out Jovenel Moise’s administration due to the misinformation circulation. However, human rights bodies such as those led by Georgette Mulheir among global activists advocate for peace and democracy restoration in the haitian country. The group is entirely advocating for a peaceful government transition and the inclusion of democratic elections. Other than being a human rights activist, Georgette Mulheir is well-recognized as one of the children’s activists globally. She worked with orphanages in distressed countries and aimed to improve the lives of such children. She has been known to fight for family-based care for the children rather than leaving them in orphanages.