Getting to Know Betsy ‘the Grizzly Bear’ DeVos

The idea that grizzly bears are surrounding schools ready to attack sounds like the premise of some B horror movie, but it seems to be what Betsy DeVos thinks schools across the United States should worry about. Schools need guns to deal with bears. This is the biggest story linked to the new Secretary of Education for the United States.


Betsy DeVos is a name that many Michigan residents know, but she was relatively unknown throughout the rest of the country until her bear attack story. It seems that she has become infamous, which is something Betsy did not love though she did not make any public statements about the fallout she received after making those comments on live television. Betsy was live because she was being interviewed by the senate for the position that she was later appointed to. Learn more:


Some of her answers may seem laughable and her positions controversial, which is probably why the senate’s vote was split when it came to voting her in or out. It was Mike Pence, the sitting VP, who casted the deciding vote that helped Betsy DeVos become the Secretary of Education of the country. This move was met with criticism though President Trump’s presidency is no stranger to controversy. Betsy may have been successful, but she was labeled a simpleton.


The people in Michigan who have seen her work the political system know that she is far from that. Her devotion to Christianity gives her the drive to reach her goals, one being the introduction of school choice. Betsy wants all Americans to be given the opportunity to attend whatever school they want, such as religious schools. She wants people to receive school vouchers that would allow them to give taxpayer money to the school of their choice. The problem is that she also does not want government oversight–just the money, which is where her argument falters. Still, her fortune and determination led her to some major wins in Michigan though other issues sprang up.


Some of the state’s poorest people had to stand by and see nearby public schools close, which is probably something Betsy didn’t expect. Students from poor neighborhoods now have to walk miles or take a few buses to get to a charter school.


Many wonder if Betsy is hoping to take the entire country down the same road. Those who think she is a simpleton should not underestimate the power of her money and the power of her devotion. Mike Cox, who was Michigan’s state attorney for some time, knows that her hard-headed determination should not be ignored. He has seen her wield the power of her money in order to get opponents out of the way and further her agenda. Trump definitely chose a visionary to be his Secretary of Education, even if her vision seems limited.