Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb is a partner of the managing team and also has a seat as the CIO at Visium Asset Mgt. He founded the company in 2005, but before the birth of Visium Assets Management, Jacob Gottlieb is proud to have had a place as one of the few who founded Balyasny (BAM) an asset management company. He also worked as a manager in London at Merlin Financial. Additionally, Gottlieb acted as an analyst. This was when he was at Sanford Bernstein & Co. Jacob Gottlieb trained as a doctor, but he was always obsessed with business-building.

Jacob Gottlieb first obtained his B.A in economics from Brown University and later joined New York University Medical School where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree. However, his fascination with stock market would not allow him to pursue a medical career, and ultimately he quit and followed his dream of becoming a financial pundit. Jacob Gottlieb is a skilled businessman who has currently helped Visium to manage over $3.5 billion asset.

Currently, Jacob Gottlieb is planning to transform Visium and make it a multistrategy, multiproduct powerhouse company that can compete favorably with other hedge fund industries. One of their flagship product (long-short equity) healthcare fund garnered approximately $2.4 in assets and generated 15.6 percent annualized returns since its inception. This is a success story for most of hedge fund companies. Jacob Gottlieb has expressed unweaving confidence in realizing his dream because he has already started laying the groundwork which involved a creating pool of capital and also hiring top investment managers.

Jacob Gottlieb believes that the success of hedge fund industry comes as a result of doing things in the right way which is integral to the Visium culture and philosophy. Lack of transparency is a crucial concern for businesses. Therefore, Gottlieb is always focused on retaining talented portfolio managers. Jacob Gottlieb is also an active philanthropist who is involved in supporting Robin Hood Organization that helps street and low-income families living in the New York City. The organization help’s the vulnerable group in the city to get food, shelter, clothes and education opportunity. Most of these people are single-parents household, people living with disabilities and also the sick. Jacob Gottlieb is a firm believer in giving back to the society thus the reason why he helps the needy.