• July 29, 2021

Juan Monteverde and His Monteverde & Associates PC

Juan Monteverde is the founder and managing partner at Monteverde & Associates PC. His law firm targets investors and consumes with corporate fraud and misleading advertisement cases. He ensures that shareholders access their rights in a corporate transaction, and no one is undermined. Due to this, he has represented several clients in merger and acquisition cases, portraying excellence and customer service in every case. Also, he has helped his clients appeal cases in which they are not satisfied to higher levels, up to U.S. Supreme Court.

Before Juan Monteverde ventured into an active career, he attended California State University in Northridge, where he received his B.S. in Finance. Also, he went to St. Thomas University School of Law and got his J.D. honours. After college education, he started working in various law firms that run mergers and acquisitions.

Such gave him the experience he used to start his law firm. Also, he got connections that helped him get his first clients. He believed in a good working relationship that helped him in future co-ventures and litigation cases.

Juan Monteverde has gained several recognitions. He has ensured that his clients get the best representation. His fee structure appeals to customers who approach him. For instance, he gets paid when he has helped the client win the case. The commission of the compensation he is paid is court-approved. Conferences like ACI, PLI, ABA use his speaking engagements to educate on the merger and executive compensations.

Juan Monteverde has also written articles and books that are useful in security litigation and executive compensation. As such, he has received recognition from various platforms. Super Lawyers named him the New York Metro Rising Star in cases about security litigation. Also, he was named a Top Rated Lawyer by the Martindale-Hubbell. Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes is one of the books that gives him the inspiration to fight and dedicate himself to his work. Go Here for related Information.