• October 12, 2021

Krishen Iyer: a Man of Many Strengths

Krishen Iyer is a well known entrepreneur. He has a love for soccer, playing tennis and chess and spending time with his family. Aside from his family and hobbies, He also spends time working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other programs such as helping with relief from Haiti earthquakes. Krishen Iyer is an astounding man just by utilizing his free time but in a professional manner he still manages to show extreme success in helping others. 


Krishen Iyer was raised in California. He studied at Bullard High School where he received his diploma in 1998. After that he attended San Diego State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration. After graduation he began his insurance career. He first found the Name my Premium insurance company, which had tremendous growth leading it in 2015 to be on the 5000 list. Following this success Krishen Iyer later became the CEO and Founder of Managed Benefit Services with an outstanding success helping companies grow in leads and benefits.

This business was previously known as Quick Link Marketing. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Kishen Iyer is currently working as the CEO and founder of MAIS Consulting. Krishen Iyer is constantly thinking of ways to better his business and improve the needs of clients. Most days he starts his morning’s meeting with clients and then spends the remainder of the day trying to come up with solutions for clients’ needs.