Norman Patiz and PodcastOne

When it comes to polling there is no substitution for a great company. It can make or break a brand in their marketing campaign. Some are good, but a brand needs a great company to make it what it can become. The best polling campaign can do that.

Executive Chairman Norman Patiz announced in February of this year, that the results of studies that were done in great detail for five consumer brand studies had been wonderfully successful. It’s amazing how one campaign could have such excellent results. This is what they found.

– More than 60% of people polled stated a positive reaction to the brand.

– Product awareness had an increase of 47% for the financial services polled in the included study.

– Post poll end results showed an over-whelming positive result by over 18%.

– Twenty-two percent of the people polled stated that they were very likely to think about using the product polled.

– There was a 60% increase in brand restaurant attendance after the polls.

This genius polling campaign was led by Edison Research of PodcastOne in 2016. The effectiveness of their campaigns is rated as one of the highest in the business for taking a product from unknown to the named brand by their polling.

They value integrated marketing for this process. The surveys serve to create the connection between what people need and the product that matches that need. According to Bloomberg, as a leading research company for podcasting, Norman Patiz has helped lead some of the largest names in the United States.

It’s inspirational really to see what they can do for a company. They seem to have a knack for finding that thing that connects the customer and product together to create a brand. That takes careful planning and a direct plan of action.