Glen Wakeman walking with entrepreneurs towards self-reliance.

Glen Wakeman of Launchpad Holdings, LLC believes in the mantra that ideas need to be turned into plans to avoid failure in the future. His scope is mainly in businesses that are starting up. Usually most budding entrepreneurs often have no idea where to start, how to avoid or tackle unforeseen problems and how to target and improve the performance of the business. He mentors the clients one on one and his highly experienced in top shelf start-ups not to mention those in the online retail sector.


In the early stages of entrepreneurship, Mr. Glen Wakeman reveals that he mostly comes across the following scenarios. The first one is when some of the client’s ideas are not well articulated and in such a case, Launchpad does what it does best and that is it offers more advice on the need to lower risks. While in the second scenario, some of the entrepreneurs with the excitement of startup may mistakenly overstrain themselves with responsibilities. In both cases, the firm analyzes the situation and important responsibilities are sorted out. Thirdly is the group that may feel no need of making any changes even after seeking third-party opinion on the business they are to undertake.


The mentor-ship offered is of the essence to the clients as it helps clear the path for the picking of the best business sector to venture into. A good example in which Glen’s firm help turn things around for its clients is with Uber. The client was for the idea of services as provided by the online taxi, Uber but was mentored accordingly hence helping the entrepreneur come up with one of the most successful businesses in the world today.


Glen Wakeman At a Glance


He is the brain behind Launchpad Holdings with an extensive background as a mentor, investor, and inventor. He has been in the business world for quite a long time now a factor that has equipped him with a vast experience and prowess to lead his company which now has close to twenty thousand employees and boasts $15 billion worth of assets.

IC Systems Thinks Giving Back is Critical

IC Systems holds the gold standard in the accounts receivable industry. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. The goal IC Systems, since its creation, has been to provide honest and ethical service to clients.


The company prides itself on leading the industry with innovation. For example, IC Systems was the first accounts receivable company to replace typewriters with computers. They continue to upgrade their systems to ensure the latest technologies are being used to offer the most secure collections.


Compliance is a top priority for IC Systems. In order to guarantee compliance, they have an extensive Compliance Riske Management System. This system offers auditing, documentation, and training. The process beings with auditing. First, they conduct an audit to ensure that the policies that are required actually exist; then, second, those policies are documented; and third, the staff members are trained. Naturally, another top priority for IC Systems, is security. The company is audited by FRSecure, which is a company that makes sure that the company is offering true data compliance.


The culture of IC Systems is one of treating people well and giving back. That is one reason they created the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). The organization consists of employees who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community. The committee holds the important responsibility of deciding which charities will be donated to in the form of time, money, resources, and/or service. In 2016, ECHO raised over $32,000 for a number of different charities, as well as donated over 500 hours to various community event. Some of the charities they commonly help are Relay for Life, ARMing Heroes, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and, among many others, the American Cancer Society.


In addition to the Employee Charitable Help Organization within IC Systems, they also are involved with other philanthropic endeavors. For example, the company holds a number of blood drives throughout the year. In 2016, employees of IC Systems donated enough blood to save roughly 150 lives; an astounding number to be proud of.

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The transformation of Paragon Biosciences company under Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin enjoys a two-decade experience in the healthcare industry, especially in the biotechnology industry. He has been committed to revolutionizing the medical industry through research work. Jeff strongly believes that every patient deserves a much better and longer life. He has for a long time dedicated his life and research to helping patient struggling with ailments that have few treatment options and those that do not have a cure at all. He is currently the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a firm dedicated to making lives better for patients through developing innovative medical companies that an create new medication and pioneer treatments.

The journey has not been easy. However under Jeff as its CEO the company has managed to receive 13 new medication approvals from the FDA. The record is outstanding comparing it to other big pharmaceutical companies. The company’s business model is built on studying patient needs, continued science research breakthroughs and its mission to make life better for patients. On these pillars, Paragon has remained strong financially to initiate more research works. Through his leadership, Jeff has been able to mobilize a team of brilliant researchers who are devoted to finding answers for various ailments.

Paragon Biosciences is working to grow its network through establishing new portfolios. All companies will structure themselves to focusing on the patients’ needs and doing intensive medical research. Some of the companies include Harmony Biosciences, located in Pennsylvania. It is currently working on ailments such as cataplexy, narcolepsy and other nervous system complications. Recently the Harmony received a “Deal of Year” award for its outstanding effort to create sleep disorder medication. Secondly is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey. The firm is working on rare skin disorders. Other firms under Paragon umbrella are Precision BP and Decade Pharmaceuticals located in California and Illinois respectively. Precision BP is majoring in research on medications for oncology disorders while Decade is working to come up with solutions for Alzheimer’s disease and other central nervous system conditions. Jeff Aronin is confident that through these portfolios they will achieve medical advancement that could benefit thousands of patients.

Telereal Trillium Announces CEO Graham Edwards in as Chairman.

Telereal Trillium announced the current CEO, Graham Edwards would become its chairman. He has been in the CEO position since 2009. This is not a major change for Edwards. He held the chairman positions back in 2001after the company began.

Graham Edwards Has Made a Significant Impact on Real Estate in the U.K.

Since Telereal Trillium’s inception, it has made a major impact on the real estate market in England. As a matter of fact, it is one of the largest U.K. real estate businesses. This major and positive impact is due to one person, Graham Edwards. He’s played a major role in not only taking over PT Plc. He was able to secure close to 60 million square footage of real estate.

In 2009, Graham Edwards did it again. He negotiation the acquisition of Trillium. The takeover of Trillium led to the business becoming one company, Telereal Trillium.

Prior to Taking Telereal Trillium to the top, Graham Edwards was successful at another company. It was called Talisman Asset Management. He was the Chief Investment Offer, CIO, there. Prior to his work at Talisman, he worked to make another company success. For instance, he was a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and was the head of BT Group Plc.’s head of their finance department

Graham Edwards Planned to Implement the Changes at Telereal Trillium.

In a press release Graham Edwards announce the shift in leadership positions were in the making for a while. He went on to announce that a very highly team was in place so to ensure things continued to move smoothly. Russell Gurnhill will succeed Edwards as the CEO. Adam Dakin, who used to be the joint managing director will take on the new role of manager. Graeme Hunter will continue running all the property management tasks within the company.

Graham Edwards Looks Forward to Taking on This New Venture.

Graham Edwards is not nervous about taking on his old job. He knows that he will succeed and make the company better than at any other time in its existence. Although the personnel changes were discussed for some time, now was the perfect time to make the changes.

Christopher Linkas Advice Young People to Invest Early to Save More

Christopher Linkas has been in the financial industry for a long time. Over the years, he has not only managed millions of dollars of his clients but has also shared valuable information with the young people. When he is asked to speak at an event or when he writes articles for financial publications, he emphasizes on investing early on so that one can accumulate enough to retire early and doing things that you love to do.

Most millennials do not start about investing and savings till they have reached their 30s. But, by then the prices have gone up meaning that they would need to save much more every month to retire comfortably. According to Christopher Linkas, one of the main benefits of retiring early is that they can start saving small every month and it will grow considerably by the time they reach their retirement. By reinvesting your investments, one can easily get better earnings rather than invest one time once you reach the age of 30. Younger people can also learn from investing and can take a higher risk which pays off most of the time when you invest at a young age. Young investors are smarter and have more potential than those who start to invest in their 30s. They often take the middle route when investing and want to be save with minimum risk, meaning fewer returns on their investments.

Young people are equipped to conduct their research and find proper investment tools for investing purposes. Online investing platforms are playing an important role in making youngsters independent when it comes to investing their money. Christopher Linkas too started investing early in his life and is enjoying the fruits of early retirement. He has worked with leading investment company that has allowed him to learn many investment tips and in-depth knowledge about how the financial market works. Christopher Linkas believes that no matter how old one gets, it is never too late to learn. He spends time researching on the current investment trends so that he can help others by providing them great investment opportunities. His strategies have been quite successful so far.

Waiakea Gives People Excellent Water Opportunities

For Waiakea, the point of helping people out is giving them water they can depend on. The water they have is pH-balanced and it helps people feel good about the opportunities they can use. The company always wanted to make sure they were getting things right and they pushed forward to make the water the best it could be. While Waiakea knew what would happen and knew things would get better, they also prepared to continue giving everyone the experiences that would help them. It was their goal of providing positive services to others that gave them the chance to do their best. The water is better than many other brands and has more health benefits than what most people realize. It also gives others the opportunity to do things right so people don’t need to worry about where they’re going with their health habits.

Waiakea believes their water is the best because it’s Hawaiian volcanic water. The company spent a long time coming up with ideas for people to try different things and they knew the bottling process would be the best thing their business had to offer. It gave them everything they needed and also allowed them the chance to try water that could actually help them. Waiakea knew things were better than they’d ever been because they felt good about the water they had and good about the things they could use to make the water better.

For Waiakea, the point of helping is making sure other people have a chance to see how their water will keep tasting better since they get it from volcanic runoff. Even when things do not necessarily taste right for other people or from other bottling companies, Waiakea knows it is the best from their business. They spent a lot of time trying to make things easier for people and trying to give them other opportunities for water. There were times when the company had to do things right and that’s what made them better understand all the options they had for success when helping people through the experiences they could use.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Finds The Right Successor To Fit Into His Roles At Banco Bradesco

On 12th March this year, Banco Bradesco held a general shareholders meeting to appoint the new president of the bank. This follows the resignation of the former chairman of the board, Mr. Lazaro Brandao.

Upon his resignation, Mr. Brandao appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as his successor. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi held the positions of the chairman and the president of Bradesco since last year.

The board of directors was required to announce their nominee to the position of the president of the bank one month before the general shareholders meeting in March this year. It was a tough decision for the board to make considering that there were seven vice presidents from Bradesco who had expressed their interests in the executive position.

Finally, the hammer fell on Octavio de Lazari who previously served as the CEO of the insurance and pensions department of the bank known as Bradesco Seguros. Many analysts in Brazil hadn’t foreseen the appointment of Octavio de Lazari as the successor of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as CEO. On his part, the new chairman of Bradesco defended the appointment of Octavio de Lazari stating that it followed the due process and the succession guidelines at Bradesco Bank. Octavio de Lazari is among the most experienced leaders at Bradesco bank having served in the bank for close to five decades.

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Early life and career
Octavio de Lazari started working for Bradesco bank at the age of 15 years. While he was growing up, Octavio de Lazari had never dreamt of joining the banking industry. He was very passionate about football where he played at Palmeiras. His father who was a loyal customer at Bradesco bank spotted an opportunity in the bank and convinced his son to leave if football ambitions and join the mainstream career in banking according to

Octavio de Lazari is among the most dedicated employees at Banco Bradesco. Throughout his career, Octavio de Lazari worked hard and earned his way up the leadership ladder at Bradesco bank. In the late 90’s, Octavio de Lazari worked in the Credit department as the Director. Octavio was responsible for the corporate, small and large business units. Eight years ago, Octavio was promoted to head the department of loans and financing where he became the CEO in 2012. He worked there for five years before becoming the president of Bradesco Seguros.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Octavio de Lazari have brought many transformations in the insurance and pensions division of Bradesco. Currently, Bradesco Seguros is a key player in the overall performance of Bradesco Bank. Bradesco is one of the leading bank in Brazil. Octavio de Lazari will continue serving as the president of Bradesco Seguros and Bradesco bank simultaneously.

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Mark Mofid, an Innovator in the Field of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the top plastic surgeons in the San Diego area and he is well known to his colleagues as being an innovator in the field of plastic surgery. He was trained for his profession at Harvard and John Hopkins University and since receiving his medical degree, he has strived to change his professional in positive ways. One such way is to continuously work to improve the medical practices associated with his field so that procedures are safer.

Mark Mofid’s most recent work includes the development of better gluteal implants procedures. Mark Mofid has teamed up with plastic surgeons from Brazil in order to improve his art of gluteal implants. He chose Dr. Raul Gonzalez in Brazil to work the most closely with, as Brazil completes more gluteal implant surgeries than any other area in the world and Gonzalez is widely recognized as being one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the world.

After hours of collaboration and research, Mark Mofid has revamped the gluteal implant procedure and even the actual design of the implant. His new implant is said to have a lower profile then past implants and better intramuscular positioning. In addition, his peers have noted that the new implant just overall looks better and more natural then predecessors. This more natural implant allows surgery to be completed more effectively.

Mark Mofid continues to work endlessly to improve things in the field of his specialty. He oftentimes funds his own research and gives of his time freely, in order to make sure that the newest, most innovative procedures and products are available to other plastic surgeons and their patients. Mofid constantly strives to better his industry and does that very well by collaborating and thinking outside of the box. It is because of plastic surgeon specialists like Mark Mofid that the area of expertise will continue to grow and individuals will continue to see out plastic surgery.

Lawrence Bender’s movie, ‘Reservoir Dog’

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer located in the United States of America. So far Lawrence has been in the entertainment industry for two decades. Lawrence Bender has been involved in the production of movies, Django, Inglorious Bastards, and Good Willing Hunting among others. The exemplary movie producer has had a very successive career. To date, he has scooped several awards like Oscars. Moreover, he has been nominated severally for other prizes. The movie producer was born in Bronx, New York. Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. His mother was a kindergarten tutor while his father was a college professor.

With his experience in the industry, Lawrence Bender was the man behind the production of the movie named ‘Reservoir Dog.’ The movie involves six criminals. Funny enough, the thieves are total strangers to each other. The six thieves are hired for a crime job by one crime kingpin known as Joe Cabot. They are instructed to go carry out a diamond robbery. At the outset, they are given fake identities. This is done intentionally to ensure that it won’t happen that they will get close to each other. Instead, they will focus on the assigned mission. Back in their minds, they anticipated that the task would be successful.

Suddenly, the police show up at the site where the robbery was to take place. Panic fills their bodies, and two of them are fatally shot in the subsequent shootout. Also, two or more policemen are shot including some civilians who happened to pass by during the shooting.

The remaining thieves assemble at one disclosed warehouse. They begin to throw words at each other. They later suspect that one amongst them is an undercover policeman. But who could be the spy? The movie starts immediately before the robbery takes place. We are given flashbacks of the plot right before the execution of the crime. Also, viewers are introduced to the characters in flashback mode. The movie involves plenty of blood, gore and fast action. It’s a type of movie that will elevate your adrenaline and keep you guessing. The tremendous action will additionally leave you entertained.

How Matt Badiali Helps Investors Avoid Financial Storms

One of the worst things that an investor can deal with is a financial storm. However, financial storms are very common in the life of an investor. Matt Badiali has dealt with his share of financial storms. Matt has taken his experiences and lessons that he has learned from these storms and incorporated them into his content for people to learn from. One thing about these storms is that they can swallow tons of earnings. This can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety among investors as they try to figure out what they can do to reduce the losses that they are experiencing. Visit to know more.

One thing that Matt Badiali does in order to prepare people for the upcoming financial storm is make them aware of the fact that they only have two choices in order to survive it. One choice is to find a financial expert for advice. One good thing about them is that they tend to provide helpful information that can help investors avoid a huge loss. The only disadvantage is that it can cost a lot of money for them to get that advice. Not every investor is comfortable with putting forth a lot of money to get insight on what they can do in order to survive the storms.

The other option is that people can make their own financial decisions. The only issue with that is that they have to find the time to become their own financial experts. Matt Badiali understands how much of a challenge that can be for many people. However, many people want to avoid spending a lot of money on a financial expert. Fortunately, many investors accept that they either need to find the time to become financial experts or hire someone who has expertise in these types of activities so that they will be able to avoid any pitfalls that come with financial storms.