Paul Herdsman Is The COO Of NICE Global And A Fishing And Golf Enthusiast


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs and companies through his own company, NICE Global. As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE, he helps companies offer better customer service and also helps them to manage their day-to-day operations. NICE Global is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Herdsman focuses on building strategic partnerships and building growth plans that gain traction over time.


Outside of work, Paul Herdsman loves to play golf and go fishing. Paul Herdsman believes that it is healthy to have outside interests because life can become dull and uninteresting otherwise. He started fishing when he was very young and still remembers getting his first fishing pole for Christmas. He can’t remember if he had seen someone fishing on television or if he read a book about it, but he does remember that he was enthused to do it. Paul Herdsman didn’t get into golf until after high school when he finally had the time to focus on the sport. He continues to find golf challenging but welcomes the challenge every time he hits the greens. See This Article for more information.


Paul Herdsman admits that, both, golf and fishing can be competitive, but he has chosen to not compete in golf because he enjoys the sport for the relaxation it induces. In the past, he has engaged in competitive fishing with a group of friends who were into saltwater fishing. Paul Herdsman learned that fishing is all about being prepared and paying close attention to details rather than luck and enjoys tournament fishing. He once won a fishing tournament in the state of Florida together with his team and felt very accomplished after doing so. His best golf feat has been to score as low as a score of 75, and he feels very happy with that score as golf continues to challenge him.


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