• October 12, 2021

Save Money and Help Preserve Our Environment – Going Solar With PosiGen

PosiGen is a leading solar energy and wind power provider in the USA. Island has partnered with PosiGen, an eco-business startup, to bring solar energy to as many households in the country as possible. Alongside Island, the solar power company and their associates have installed over 11,500 solar panels in Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. PosiGen’s mission is to reduce the cost of generating electricity using non-traditional renewable sources by at least 50%.


The sun is our most abundant and cleanest energy source and by harnessing it we can save money on our electric bills and help to preserve our environment. The solar power company works with several companies to provide affordable solar power and wind power kits that can be tailored to your home or place of business. By installing these PosiGen kits at your home, office, or other location you can start saving money today on your electric bill and help to preserve our beautiful environment for future generations at the same time you save a great amount of money on energy bills.


In the past few years, the residential solar panel market has grown exponentially. Many individuals and small businesses have taken advantage of this growth and have installed solar panels from PosiGen to dramatically reduce the cost of generating power for homes or businesses. Now, by taking advantage of the sun’s energy, the company has developed affordable solar panels which are now widely available to residential consumers and businesses in the United States. By working with eco-friendly companies such as PosiGen to provide solar and wind power alternatives to traditional methods of generating electricity, many Americans are going solar and saving money not only in the short term but for the future.