Securus Technologies Protection For My Closeted Gay Son

Securus Technologies, I am writing this letter on behalf of my son. I am also writing this letter on behalf of my family. But most importantly, I am writing on behalf of myself. Thank you Securus Technologies from the bottom of my heart. Whoever thought of this program deserves thanks. All of the authorities who approved the Securus Technologies deserves thanks. Sometimes people don’t know enough about life to really help themselves. And they can be either too proud or too ashamed to ask for help. My son was both. My son is gay. He never expressed that officially to our family, but we all knew he was gay. He may thought he was hiding it from us, but we all knew. He just never talked about it. So, neither did we. When he was arrested and got his jail time, he still had not said a word about his sexual preference. One of his brothers told him about the special cellblock that he could be in but he declined. He was really having a hard time in the regular cell with all the other inmates. Securus Technologies began to note in his phone conversations that he was being harassed by the other inmates. He would never say a word about it to his parents. He wanted to appear super tough. But to his cousins, he was becoming more and more afraid of where he was laying his head at night. Securus Technologies made not of his apprehension and verbal fears over the phone. My son was talked to and made the decision to move to the cellblock for gay men.



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  1. He still denies his sexuality. But at least he is no longer threatened. He is no longer afraid. And as his parents we still haven’t said a word to him about. But I just wanted to thank you Securus Technologies. It is a very cool thing that the legit has been able to do which so many people can wonder about and it is necessary it works as it should too.

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