• December 13, 2021

Summary Of A Review On Tieks

A blog post from Valerie & Valise reviews flat sole shoe wear brand Tieks. The reviewer lists they bought a pair of Tieks back in April 2016 and never looked back, buying five more pairs since. Despite its expensive price tag of $175 per pair, they list it was worth every penny. The post also offers a quiz that consumers can take to help them pick what color to get the shoes in. The reviewer goes on to say he owns six different pairs of the brand and argues it is the most comfortable flats they’ve ever worn.

Tieks sells classic, prints, patents, and vegan shoes. These are the four different styles that consumers can choose from with an additional mini shoe for girls and another design in suede. Once people settle on the design and color of the product, they will have to work to get the correct size. The company does not offer half sizes so people will have to go down or up a size. The reviewer praises the company’s customer service department.

The company offers sizes from 5 to 13 for women and can be exchanged for another pair if they are too big or small. The product does stretch but it lasts relatively long compared to other brands because of being made out of high-quality leather. The product was only noticeably stretched out after a year but is very comfortable according to the reviewer. The individual’s favorite product is the standard Matte Black shoes with the patent leather shoes needing to absolutely be the correct size.

The reviewer confirms Tieks are very comfortable and do not hurt. They even mention how Oprah is a big fan of the shoes herself. It could take a few days to break them in. Any scuffing on the shoes can be normal but buying a shoe polish can help solve this issue. The shoes are not machine washable but a sponge can be used to clean the outside of the product. The reviewer shares that the flat sole shoes can last a very long time. According to the individual, the first pair lasted about three years after a lot of wear and tear with close to 1.5 million steps in them. An important note is the shoes can only be purchased through their website and not anywhere else. Some could possibly find some for sale on Facebook or Poshmark but it’s a stretch.

The standard cost is $175 a pair but they do sell expensive patents and prints that could go up to $265. The company does offer free shipping within the U.S. The shoes do not ever go on sale but limited-designed ones are sold on special occasions such as Black Friday & other holidays. No coupons are available on the products but people could find cheaper shoes through some Facebook groups. Visit this page to learn more.


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