• December 13, 2021

Two Forex Experts and Entrepreneurs Credited with The Inception of the Renowned IM Academy

When two forex experts and entrepreneurs, Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry decided to implement their vision of providing an accessible platform that provided forex education online in 2013, they underestimated their aspirations. This is because years later IM Academy has registered significant growth earning a global reputation. The main aim of the platform was to equip forex enthusiasts with interactive and accessible training.

The training would eventually enable the forex fanatics to develop the much-needed skills that they could later apply to execute forex trading. For over eight years that IM has been running, it has continued to register significant growth with close to 225,000 people on active subscriptions who massively gain from its informative services and products.

IM Academy has divided the learning session into four distinct modules also dubbed academies. The academy’s website can be accessed by new customers through an IBO or referral from an existing customer. A myriad of informational videos in each module is capped together with interactive sessions called goLive sessions. The four IM learning modules include FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. In the FRX Academy, students are taught the essentials of foreign exchange using pre-recorded videos and goLive sessions.

IM Academy has designed the FRX academy to teach topics such as the definition and history of forex, the medium of trading in forex, general comprehension of selling and buying in forex markets, bid against ask, comprehension of stop-loss, trends analysis, harmonics introduction, and risk management forecasting. In the second academy dubbed HFX academy students are taught on the high-frequency exchange.

The course content covered in this academy includes basics of high-frequency exchange, types, and methods of analysis that range from margins, strategies, spread, leverage to order types. The structure of this academy is set to comprise 95 pre-recorded informative videos and interactive sessions. Read this article to learn more.


Additional information about IM Academy can be found on https://www.euromundoglobal.com/noticia/425733/ciencia-y-tecnologia/chris-terry-de-im-academy-une-a-emprendedores-exitosos-en-una-sesion-mastermind-para-estudiantes.html