Using the Dr. Dov Rand Formula to Reduce Aging

Founder of the Anti-Aging Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand, has found the fountain of youth within his West Organge, NJ practice. His residency training acquired from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York can be accredited for the healthy aging treatment approach and the lifestyle that Dr. Dov Rand passionately lives by.


Some medical practitioners would encourage to eat a well balance diet and incorporate cardiovascular exercise as a regular healthy lifestyle regime. In reality, Dr Dov Rand goes a step further by restoring your youthful hormonal level concentration. Similar to rings from a cut tree tells the age of the tree, hormone concentration of testosterone, estrogen and other regulated hormones aid with informing the physician the age of their patient. In doing so, Dr. Dov Rand’s clinical knowledge in the aging process helped him develop a special regime that shifts the hormones back to youthful vitality.


Dr. Dov Rand is able to rejuvenate the body by using bioidentical hormones that are unique to your individual biochemistry. Biodentical hormones are compounds uniquely produced by you and synthesized under the care of Dr. Dov Rand along with his team of medical peer reviewers. This crafted treatment has helped patients reset their metabolism. Dr. Dov Rand also provides a dietary plan according to your bodily needs. Accompanied with healthy behavioral lifestyle changes the aches and pains that come with aging are significantly removed.


Dr. Dov Rand’s ability to identify chronic illness have enabled him to implement therapies that address age related conditions including erectile dysfunction, depression, hot flashes and fatigue.


The advantage to Dr. Dov Rand‘s rehabilitative medicinal strategy is the patient specific bioidentical hormone treatment. This is contrary to synthethic hormones which are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies and are manufactured in a generic form for customers. The commercialized hormone, over time, inflict side effects on the natural chemistry of the human body. Dr. Dov Rand’s therapeutic strategy prevents bodily degeneration while simultaneously fueling the immune system to fight against acute illnesses that contribute to chronic to severe illnesses.