• December 9, 2021

 Vijay Eswaran shows that there are different ways to lead successfully

Vijay Eswaran is not afraid of hard work and that has been seen in how he got his education. He also learned the value of silence as a young man when he spent a month in a Franciscan monastery when he took a year to tour Europe after he got his last degree. He is now the head of Q1 Group, founder of Q1 City, and an author of multiple books. Likewise, he willingly speaks on many topics that matter to entrepreneurs and those in management roles. He has done all of this while never forgetting his home nation of Malaysia.

He has seen where a leader does not need to always have to talk to get his message out, and he speaks on this constantly. Vijay Eswaran has both written on and taken interviews dealing with a style of management that incorporates silence to a point and is not common as a way to be a leader. He does say the leaders in a company do need to have principles and need to be able to defend them. He is the type that is able to quote Gandhi and Sun Tzu with ease and incorporates their differing philosophies into use.

Vijay Eswaran was born and raised in Malaysia a little over six decades ago. He worked for his education, with one of his well known jobs being a cab driver while attending the London School of Economics. He has worked to help others have the same level of success, which is why he decided to build Q1 City in Malaysia. While he has had some controversies, he has had far more successes. His time in business has primarily been via multi-level marketing, but it was done in support of those who brought them in, and he showed how it succeeded.

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