• December 14, 2021

ZeroAvia – A British/American Hydrogen-Emission Aircraft Developer

The CEO of ZeroAvia is Valery Miftakhov, a British/American who started the company in 2017. He has a lot of experience in developing hydrogen-electric aircraft and is passionate about creating a better future for aviation. The ZeroAvia company is in the early stages of development and will have to wait for a few more years before it will be ready to fly. It is not clear when the aircraft will be ready to fly, but he has plenty of plans to keep the public informed.

ZeroAvia Aviation Company

In May 2017, ZeroAvia raised $13 million to help develop larger engines. By the end of 2021, the company is planning to have a 100-seat hydrogen-electric aircraft. Initially, the company was planning to develop a ten-to-20-seat commercial vessel but has since announced that it will expand its program and start developing a 19-seat aircraft. In March 2020, ZeroAvia launched a development program to create a 2MW hydrogen-electric powertrain for full-size regional planes. 

In June 2021, the company will purchase two Dornier 228s to develop this technology. The company’s innovation program will focus on the development of a fuel-cell-based powertrain for aircraft. The funding comes from the UK government’s Aerospace Technology Institute and will help develop the fuel cell technology for aviation. Alongside the ZeroAvia aviation company, EMEC will develop a mobile refueling platform for hydrogen-powered aircraft. As the company continues to expand, it will be vital for zero-emission vehicles to gain traction.